Because of insufficient time and man power (if you want to help, just look at the banner in the right), we can’t tackle all the topics; but there’s so much going on in the world right now, something just had to be done. So I’m going to start this weekly round-up, in which I’ll just give you some more headlines from the current week and my 2 cents about it, with link to more details. This still doesn’t mean I’ll go over EVERYTHING, just what stands out to me, so please let me know if there’s anything I missed and we’ll damn sure publish it. Also, help me think of a better name for it :)

If you think Hiroshima was big, you should definitely take a look at this

Tech titans want to be more involved in ‘saving the planet’. I have no idea how this will work out, but it sounds really good.

The guys at environmental graffiti posted some pics of volcanoes + lightning, and it equals love. Rough love…

Scientists continue the search for habitable planets, although the mass isn’t quite right.

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Ah yes, this was the week the true reason why biologists laugh at creationists was exposed.

We had Earth Day this week.

Stephen Hawking had some big health problems, but he’s getting better. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.

A fertility expert shouted to the world: ‘I can clone a human being!!

Oh, and of course, men are no more promiscous than women. Makes sense.