Corals are dying off but not only because of climate change

Climate change is a major threat, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Stockholm says no to fashion week to explore more sustainable options

A laudable initiative from Sweden.

Climate change and ozone layer holes form feedback loop, reports international panel

“Greenhouse gas emissions trap more heat in the lower atmosphere which leads to a cooling of the upper atmosphere. Those colder temperatures in the upper atmosphere are slowing the recovery of the ozone layer.”

How High Schools Can Promote Stewardship and Save the Environment

The kids are alright.

New law would require all Phillipino students to plant 10 trees to graduate

What do you think about this idea?

The UN says humanity is causing an ‘unprecedented’ decline in biodiversity — and it’s picking up

Please stop.

Religious material promoting humanity as stewards make Christians care more about the environment

Do as the good book says!

Our social brains handle environmental issues poorly — “You can’t kiss and make up with the environment,” researchers say

“Terms like ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’ encourage the view that objects, behaviors and decisions with these labels are ‘good’ rather than ‘less bad’ for the environment,” says co-author Dr Linda Langeborg.

New process could capture CO2 and make it coal again

“Poetic justice” comes to mind.

Urban areas can do a lot to support bees and other pollinators, new study concludes

“Plant more flowers!” — scream the bees.

WHO says tackling climate change will reduce infectious diseases and save millions of lives

Countries need to account for health in all cost-benefit analyses of climate change mitigation.

New deep-water microbes have the skills to help fight climate change

Unexpected but not unwelcome!

We’re watching a ‘horror story’ in which the casualty is Earth’s wilderness

Only 23% of the world can now be considered wilderness.

Mining cryptocurrencies consumes as much energy as mining precious metals

More evidence that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a negative environmental impact.

Arctic plants are getting taller due to climate change — which could fuel more climate change

Well, this is an unusual problem to have.

Somalian Jihadist movement bans plastic bags to protect the environment

This sure took a strange turn.

Study weighs environmental costs of producing animal proteins so you know what to buy

Now you know exactly what your purchases do.

Judge orders EPA head Scott Pruitt to demonstrate science behind climate change denial

A judge has ordered Pruitt to do his job — finally.

Avoiding eating meat and dairy is the single best thing you can do for the environment

The bottom line? Eat less meat!

Scientists find new shrew species in Philippines — in a special “sky island”

The small shrew acts as a tiny cog in a very complex and special environmental mechanism.