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Staying healthy over the course of our lives is an important part of the aging process. As our bodies age, they also change. The same can be said for our lives in general. Things such as eating right, exercise, mental activity, and personal safety, are parts of living a healthy lifestyle that can change along with us.

Luckily, over the years, things have improved for the aging population, allowing for more opportunities when it comes to taking control of the golden years. You can make your own decisions when it comes to lifestyle and personal choices. Below we will discuss different ways for the elderly to take control of their health and safety.

In-Home Safety

As we age, the realization of our limitations becomes more pressing. In some cases, disabilities and other health issues will come into play, but even with the healthy population, even mundane tasks can become challenging. About one-third of the elder population over the age of 65 falls each year, and the risk of falls increases proportionately with age. At 80 years, over half of seniors fall annually. According to the CDC, 2.8 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries, with expenses reaching $31 billion annually.

As things such as staircases can become tricky to maneuver, it’s important to avoid any tasks you aren’t comfortable doing. Reducing any potential risks can also make a big difference. For instance, covering slippery surfaces with non-slip rugs, or fixing any broken steps can greatly reduce the risk of falling.

If going up and down the stairs becomes problematic, home elevators can be a great way to improve your personal safety. Home elevators aren’t just for the super-rich anymore, they’ve become much more accessible, and they can make a big difference, especially in big houses. Home elevators and their uses are as varied as the families that have them, and they can be a godsend for an elderly family.

Eating Right and Exercise

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Aging well takes a bit of work. Keeping up with a balanced diet and exercise routine will help you fight the signs of aging while maintaining your overall health. If there’s something that can make a difference for your health, it’s your diet.

Introducing the right balance of healthy foods with high antioxidants will help you look and feel younger while helping you maintain your weight and fight existing, as well as future health issues.

Adding in exercise and physical activity will help you stay fit and keep your body healthy, but that can also be more challenging as you age. Try to keep it fun, and enjoy yourself as well — this way, you’re much more likely to stick to a routine. Ideas such as Zumba classes, swimming, or even just walking are fun ways to exercise for your overall health while keeping it enjoyable.

Staying Mentally Healthy

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Aging brings forth quite a few changes in a person’s life — not just physically, but also mentally. Often, living situations, health issues, and family distance comes into play in our golden years. Issues such as these can bring forth unneeded stress which can be hard on your overall health, even if everything else is set aside. Attempting to alleviate this stress is key to maintaining not only a healthy life but a happy one.

Keeping in touch with family and friends is an important aspect of maintaining your mental health. Diet and exercise are also surprisingly important for your mental health, as a number of studies have shown. When the body feels better, your mind will be clearer and sharper.

Maintaining an active mind is just as important as keeping an active body. Finding new hobbies and new activities to enjoy will also help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Aging doesn’t mean it’s time to slow down — aging simply means you now need to take maturity and intelligence into whatever activities you choose to take part in.

Growing old gracefully is becoming more achievable as time goes on. Incorporating safety, healthy eating, exercise, family, and fun activities into your everyday life will make your golden years not only healthy but fun and exciting as well.