New app could bring cognitive therapy to your pocket

“It’s kind of like cognitive therapy in your pocket — but a little different and a lot faster,” the authors say.

Philadelphia’s sugary drink tax worked: one year later, consumption dropped by 38%

Moral of the story: people really don’t like taxes.

New ‘brain training’ game could help you wean off of excess added sugar

Sweet, sweet research.

Go to the park, it’s good for you — and makes you happier

If nothing else, it’s free entertainment!

Unvaccinated French child brings measles back to Costa Rica

Antivaxx trends and complacency are bringing back a disease from the brink of eradication.

Two or more diet sodas a day may increase risk of stroke

More and more evidence suggests that zero-calorie drinks may be just as bad as sugary ones.

We can eradicate malaria — but we need to use new tricks

Improvise, adapt, eliminate.

Engaging in cultural activities can stave off depression in old age

If nothing else, at least you’ll have some fun attending!

People aged 70 and over who exercise regularly have the bodies of 40-year-olds

It’s never too late to start exercising — and the results are impressive.

Why do people self-harm? New study offers surprising answers

Definitely an unexpected finding.

Golden labs seem to be healthier than their chocolate cousins — and we’re not sure why

Who’s a good boy? All dogs, that’s who. But some have more problems than others.

Sexual assault and harassment has long-lasting consequences on women

The fact that so many women go through this is nothing if not disturbing

The taller you are, the more likely you are to develop varicose veins

It’s not all good when you’re tall.

Here’s why it doesn’t get dark when you blink

It’s not magic — it’s science.

Kidney stones form like any rock, may hold day-by-day history of your body’s health

We’re all Stonebenders in our kidneys!

What big tobacco companies don’t want you to know about smuggling

The scale of this conspiracy is shocking.

Combining antibiotics may be more effective, new study suggests

The whole can be greater or smaller than the sum of its parts.

When organ donation meets religion

Let’s talk about nasty things that save lives.

Coffee consumption might actually protect your heart, new study concludes

Good news, everyone!

Mangoes may improve your cardiovascular and gut health, new study shows

When the doctors say you should eat delicious fruit… you probably should.