Most people have an outdated belief that solar energy is too expensive. For most people living in the United States, this isn’t true for some time and Google just released a new project to make a point of this. Called Project Sunroof, the tool uses extensive satellite imagery from Google Maps and superimposes sunlight energy flux data over them.

What’s different from a conventional energy flux map is that it’s all dynamic and so precise that the tool can be used to gauge solar energy potential that hits your roof’s surface. The tool will thus provide an estimate for the amount of sunlight your rooftop will have available per year, all while accounting for the shade laid by nearby trees or buildings.

google rooftop

By inputting your energy bill, you can then learn how much you could save with solar energy. For convenience, Google will also link you to solar panel providers near your vicinity.

Give it at spin at the Project Sunroof website by submitting your home’s address. For now, it only works in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno and Boston, but Google wants to expand the service to the whole country. In the meantime, you can use this service to learn how much you can save with solar and get in contact with an installer near you.

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