How UV lights could end up saving crane species

A simple way to help bird populations.

Trees help keep cities cool and cozy — especially if there’s a lot of them

In truth, all cities in the world would benefit from planting more trees.

The LED sun: artificial light completely mimics properties of natural sunlight

A natural skyline at the flick of a switch.

Look at all these faces. None of them are real — they were created by an AI


Luxembourg to become the first country to make public transportation free

It’s Luxembourg’s moment in the spotlight.

Finland’s 100-year gift to itself: a beautiful, futuristic, and free library

What better gift could there be?

Scientists develop self-lubricating, smart condoms

An innovation which will make a lot of people happyier.

Banksy stencil sells for $1.3 million — then immediately self-destructs

The painting doubled in value, since this is Banksy world and normal rules don’t seem to apply.

This robot passes through pipes to see where they’re leaking

The small robot that could.

US Marines will save $70,000 by 3D-printing F-35 part

3D printing is making quite the splash in the military.

Kalashnikov presents retro-futuristic electric car

It’s interesting, but how many rounds per minute does it fire?

Korean supermarket wins at selling bananas

I need this in my life.

The Antonine Wall was adorned with brightly-colored, grisly propaganda to keep Scottish tribes at bay

The best fight is one you can paint your way out of.

Sweden opens world’s first electrified road, to charge e-vehicles on the run

It’s a socket! It’s a road! It’s… both?

Braille Neue can be read just as easily with your eyes as with your fingertips

Writing that everyone can read.

Tokyo announces plan to build 350-meter skyscraper made from wood

A breathtaking, wood-based skyscraper.

Scientists outfit praying mantises with tiny 3D glasses, find new type of stereo vision

Turns out the praying mantis sees in 3D quite differently from us — and this could be exploited by new drones.

Walk right in: Berlin’s transit authority and Adidas create unique, wearable shoe-passes

Only 500 pairs will be made.

World’s smallest fidget spinner is no bigger than a human hair

3-D printing just got a lot sexier.

MIT researchers design forest domes for Mars colonists

If we’re going on Mars, we’re going in style.