252 million years ago, climate change nearly wiped out life on Earth; something similar is happening today

If this sounds a bit alarming… it should.

Greenland melting is ‘off the charts’ — It’s unprecedented in the last 400 years, scientists warn

In the past 20 years, Greenland’s ice sheet has been melting at six-fold the rate seen before the Industrial Revolution.

“Collapse of civilization is on the horizon”, David Attenborough tells UN climate summit

Time, he stressed, is running out.

Green roofs can be effective against climate change — in the right climate

Green roofs are making a comeback — at least in some parts of the world.

Meat and dairy are bad for the climate and the environment, researchers urge

The bottom line: eat more plants!

Buried away: deep soil holds surprisingly much CO2, but warming is bad news

Soils can store a lot of carbon, but not if temperatures continue to rise.

Unfortunately, the US president still doesn’t understand what “climate” means

Regardless of someone’s political affiliation, un-scientific beliefs should be taxed. At the end of the day, science is apolitical, and global warming affects us all — whether we choose to believe in it or not.

Dry irony: first rain in centuries causes extinction of Atacama Desert microbes

This also means that resurfaced liquid water on Mars might kill any hypothetical surviving microbes.

The science behind why leaves change color in autumn

What makes the rainbow of colours?

Climate change caused the demise of flourishing Ancient civilization

There’s a lesson to be learned from today.

Climate change might damage male fertility

This does not bode well.

Hole in ozone layer should completely patch up within 50 years, UN says

Finally some good news about the climate for a change!

World oceans may have absorbed 60% more heat than previously estimated

Ocean life is in bigger trouble than we thought.

Powerful hurricane wipes out tiny Hawaiian island off the map

Climate change claimed another island in the Pacific — again.

Bitcoin could nudge global warming past 2°C

More cryptocurrencies, more problems.

Very few Americans are aware that 97% of climate scientists agree climate change is real

But if they were made aware of the fact, they might change their mind.

Antarctic ice shelf makes ghostly sounds as winds whip across its surface

It’s like the soundscape for a bad horror movie.

2°C warming in Puerto Rico caused 60-fold crash in insect population

We need urgent climate action in order to avoid catastrophic ecosystem collapse.

Melbourne solar powered canopy that doubles as work of art wins 2018 Land Art Generator Initiative

A beautiful solar array shaped like a canopy might provide 2,220 MWh of clean energy annually to Melbourne residents.

Arctic plants are getting taller due to climate change — which could fuel more climate change

Well, this is an unusual problem to have.