Warming climate means more, hotter armed conflicts, paper reports

Things are heating up.

Old forests are better at dealing with climate change, study finds

Old age doesn’t mean ‘frail’.

Lobbying against climate action costs billions in expected damage, study says

It’s the first study that quantified the effects of lobbying on climate change policy.

Invasive flowering species might overpower native ones because of warming climates

We flower in peace!

A hotter Arctic means more extreme weather elsewhere on the globe

This helps us understand how climate change can cause more extreme weather — both hot and cold.

Study finds distinct microbes living near corals

Each coral species has a distinct microbial population, researchers found.

Scientists pinpoint China as major source of banned ozone-depleting chemicals

A mysterious and alarming uptick in dangerous chlorine-based chemicals has been tracked down to eastern China.

Atmospheric CO2 reaches record 415ppm — the highest it’s been in millions of years

Not the kind of record we want.

Abrupt climate change killed off ancient South American populations

Change isn’t always good — especially when it happens too quickly.

Iceland researchers trap CO2 into rocks — but there’s a catch

This could be a big part of the battle against climate change.

Researchers hack plants to use less water so we don’t starve when climate change hits hard

These plants will drink responsibly — whether they want it or not!

Scientists produce ‘impossible’ 400-year-long record of El Niño events

The researchers drilled coral cores in order to extend the climate record of El Ninos.

Climate change fuels banana disease, threatening our crops

It’s getting worse: climate change is taking our bananas.

For the first time, renewable energy generated more electricity than coal in the United States

The dawn of a new era!

Climate change may make the oceans belch out CO2, study warns

Oh, how the waters have turned.

Winds and waves are getting slightly stronger around the globe

The differences are tiny but they can add up in time to change global behavior.

Greenland ice is melting 6 times faster than in the 1980s

Requiem for an ice sheet.

Arctic warming accelerates climate change — and will cost $70 trillion

Take action against climate change — or pay up.

NASA research says ground-based global warming measurements are sound

“Both data sets demonstrate the earth’s surface has been warming globally over this period, and that 2016, 2017, and 2015 have been the warmest years in the instrumental record,” the authors explain.

Want to fight climate change? Eat less beef and lamb, new report concludes

It’s probably not what you want to hear — but it’s what needs to be done.