We’ve (unknowingly) created a radiation shield around the Earth using radios

Can your Internet landline do this? No.

China plans to have an asteroid mining base up and running “in the near future”

Epic loot.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy — the most powerful rocket in the world — is nearly ready

Heavy metal in space.

Stunning image of the Crab Nebula put together from five telescopes’ worth of data


Long-term exposure to mictrogravity can lower physical fitness down by half

And exercise doesn’t fix it.

This is why space armor is becoming more important

Things are getting pretty dicey in outer space.

Morning glory seeds are hardy enough to survive in space, experiment reveals

Seeds — the tiny bunkers of life.

Turns out you can make harder-than-concrete bricks on Mars simply by compressing soil

That’s surprisingly convenient.

NASA is designing small away-from-home-ecosystems to make space exploration sustainable

Recycle everything!!!

From fiction to reality: scientists grow potatoes in Mars-like conditions

Interplanetary potato, yeah!