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Intel invests $50 million in quantum computing

Photograph of a chip constructed by D-Wave Systems Inc., mounted and wire-bonded in a sample holder. The D-Wave processor is designed to use 128 superconducting logic elements that exhibit controllable and tunable coupling to perform operations. Image via Wikipedia.

Today, Intel announced a 10 year collaboration with Delft University of Technology and TNO, the Dutch Organisation for Applied Research, to accelerate and enhance the advancements in quantum computing: the new type of computing which promises to revolutionize the world as we know it

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Using your body as your personal LAN, or what I dub the Bluebody technology.

And it uses magnets. Sort-of.
Image via slashgear

Everyone knows that the body is used to communicate way more information than we do by speech, almost unconsciously, but researchers at the University of California, San Diego, are aiming to take that to a whole new level.

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Tesla’s new model is so good it just broke the Consumer Reports rating system


Apparently, the best car in the world is now electric. Tesla’s new Model S P85D, a fully electric Sedan, is so good that the world’s largest independent product-tester, Consumer Reports, had to change its score system because they gave the car 103/100.

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Real Life Sim-City: Empty “Simulator” City to be Built From Scratch in New Mexico

A model of the city. Image via CITE City.

A city like no other will be built deep in the New Mexico desert. The brand new city will feature urban, suburban, exurban and rural zones dotted with houses, malls, power plants, police and fire stations, with only one big difference from a real city: it won’t have any inhabitants. The Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation (CITE) will be the first of its kind, fully integrated test, evaluation and certification facility dedicated to enabling and facilitating the commercialization of new and emerging technologies. Basically, it will be a real life Sim City.

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This Monday, 1 billion people logged on to Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg. Image via Digital Trends.

Facebook has reached an impressive milestone: this Monday, on the 24th of August, 1 billion people signed into the social network – one billion! That’s basically 1 out of every 7 people using Facebook on a given day.

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Gaming then and now: the future of gaming with Intel

The stage for this year's Intel Developer Forum (IDF) . Image: Intel

Virtual reality and 4K displays, coupled with ever more powerful processors and graphic chipsets will see gaming make a huge leap, and Intel wants to be at the forefront of the scene.

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Do violent video games really make children more aggressive?

violent video game

A few days ago, a review of 300 studies on violent video games and children’s behavior was released by the APA Task Force on Violent Media. The report concludes that violent video games present a “risk factor” for heightened aggression in children and call for a revamping of the video game rating system that took more notice of violence and for games to be more appropriate to players’ age and psychological development. At the same time, despite claiming the review “demonstrates” a link between playing violent video games and aggression, the authors acknowledged that some studies were inconsistent and that present research is insufficient to establish whether this can lead to criminal violence or delinquency.

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NASA successfully tests engines for Mars mission

nasa engine

If we want to send people to Mars, we’re going to need some bigger engines – and that’s exactly what NASA’s building right now. In fact, we’re going to need the most complex engine ever built by mankind.

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3D printing living things might revolutionize pastry


We’ve written a lot about how 3D printing can (and has already started to) change our world – but food wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. Now, food designer Chloé Rutzerveld has developed a concept for “healthy and sustainable” 3D printed snack – she prints snacks that sprout plants and mushrooms for flavour. “Edible growth is exploring how 3D printing could

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Reinventing the shower: new shower head uses 70% less water

Image via Nebia.

Shower heads are generally not very different one from another. Sure, you can get a different pressure, a different type of water jet, some have temperature control, but all in all, they’re the same thing. But now, a San Francisco start-up wants to change that: they’ve developed a new shower head that consumes 70% less water, while cleaning you up