UK project brings us closer to Mach5 air travel

If you thought research in airplanes only applies to the military, you’re wrong. While most of the money spent for airplane research does go to the military, a smaller chunk of it goes to space research, and another part goes to private air travel. Now, a company from the UK has almost developed an engine […]

Chicago Twitter bot helps officials find dirty restaurants

I just love it when technology can help solve social problems – especially in cases where you wouldn’t expect it to, like for example in Chicago, where a Twitter bot is helping authorities find dirty restaurants. If you’ve eaten out, and after that you feel a bit sick, like say you have an indigestion or […]

Robot successfully hitchhikes 6000 km across Canada

Canada’s most famous (and from what I can find, only) beer-cooler turned hitchhiking robot has finally completed its 6,000-kilometre journey across Canada, blazing rides from Halifax reaching Victoria late Saturday; and he did it with style: I’m on a boat. Well, a ferry to be exact. Victoria, I’m on my way. #hitchBOT @BCFerries — hitchBOT (@hitchBOT) […]

Star Trek walking cane lends virtual touch to the blind

The walking cane has helped the blind navigate obstacles for thousands of years, and its design has remained largely unchanged since - a sophisticated stick. What looks like a combination between a TV remote and a Star Trek tricorder, the Enactive Torch aims to help all the aging baby boomers, injured veterans, diabetics and white-cane-wielding pedestrians navigate their surroundings using 21st century tech.

Breakthrough in computing: brain-like chip features 4096 cores, 1 million neurons, 5.4 billion transistors

The brain of complex organisms, such as humans but just as well other primates or even mice, is very difficult to emulate with today’s technology. IBM is moving things further in this direction after it announced the whooping features of its new brain-like chip: one million programmable neurons and 256 million programmable synapses across 4096 individual […]

New lithium ion battery cathod can withstand 25,000 cycles. Your laptop battery only has 300

Using approximate computational methods, researchers at the SHARP Corporation and Kyoto Universities have identified a new battery material that can retain charge even after a massive amount of charge and discharge cycles. Experiments suggest that the new lithium ion battery that uses a co-substitute of lithium iron phosphate as the cathode can retain 70% of its charge even after 25,000 cycles. In comparison, a typical laptop battery can only retain 80% of its initial charge after 300 cycles.

New Wi-Fi has a range of 100 km (62 miles)

I remember when once upon a time, wi-fi could barely reach from one room to the other. It wasn’t even regarded as a serious technology by some back then – but oh my, how times have changed! Now, wi-fi is almost ubiquitous in the developed world, but the problem still remains the same – the […]

Computer games sometimes better than medication in treating elderly depression

Computer games could be the key to treating elderly people who have been diagnosed with depression, but who aren’t responding to conventional treatment. A new study has shown that playing a certain type of computer games was more effective at reducing symptoms of depression than the “gold standard” – the antidepressant drug escitalopram. Recently, we’ve been bombarded about […]

Possessing humans using virtual reality

Using an Oculus Rift, a Microsoft Kineckt 3D sensor and electrodes strapped onto key muscles, Yifei Chai, a student at the Imperial College London, devised a system that can be used to control surrogate humans. Basically, the person who wears the Rift virtual reality headset sends a signal that will cause the other person wearing a headmounted, twin-angle […]

Win or flop: Taiwanese invents cat face recognition

If you’ve ever been to London, you might have noticed the city is packed with CCTV cameras even in the least crowded street crossings. Besides 24/7 monitoring, these cameras feed images to a highly complex system that automagically runs face recognition, checks the mugs of pedestrians and runs a check if there’s anything on file […]

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