Win or flop: Taiwanese invents cat face recognition

If you’ve ever been to London, you might have noticed the city is packed with CCTV cameras even in the least crowded street crossings. Besides 24/7 monitoring, these cameras feed images to a highly complex system that automagically runs face recognition, checks the mugs of pedestrians and runs a check if there’s anything on file […]

Dubai plans to build an entire city under a glass dome

The Simpsons Movie’s plot starts off with Homer adopting a messy piglet he names “Spider Pig”.  The pig, helped a great deal by Homer, made enough waste to fill a silo in just two days, so how does Homer decide to solve this problem? Naturally, being Homer (doh!), he throws away the silo into the […]

High tech sniper rifle can tag victims and helps shoot around corners

Guns today are looking more and more like they’re from a video game or something. Take TrackingPoint’s latest Precision-Guided Firearm (PGF) – a sniper rifle that allows the user to tag targets so that the gun will come off only when the tag is in scope. Actually, considering the rifle doesn’t actually have an optical scope, […]

The PowerCube disaster-relief solar system serves electricity, purifies water and WiFi signal anywhere

The PowerCube looks like any other shipping container, but after it unfolds its ‘wings’ you start realizing there’s more than meets the eye. Designing for humanitarian relief efforts, the PowerCube is meant to deliver electrical power, purify water and offer WiFi signal to disaster inflicted areas all through harnessing solar power. While the idea is […]

Germany produces more than half its energy from solar

Germany has reached a new renewable energy milestone recently after the country announced that on a given day an impressive 50.6% of its energy demand was covered by solar energy alone. Breaching this important psychological barrier means a lot of for renewable energy efforts in Germany, and worldwide as well serving as an example. According to […]

Man’s hand is grafted onto his foot for transplant

Chinese doctors have grafted a man’s hand onto his food in order to preserve it until they could transplant it back to its rightful place. If a body part becomes severed from the body, there is only a limited period of time before it can be reattached – usually just 2-3 hours. Adding some ice […]

Tesla release all their patents for free

Today, Elon Must, the founder and owner of Tesla Motors announced that they were releasing all the patents they own, for free, for everyone to use. The release of over 200 patents was announced in style, through a blog entry called “All our patents are belong to you“. ” Yesterday, there was a wall of Tesla […]

NASA using pufferfish-inspired technology to carry large payloads to Mars

A brilliant technology reaching its limits Carrying heavier spacecraft to Mars and then safely landing it at supersonic speeds in the Martian atmosphere is no easy feat – and NASA could use any bit of help they can get. NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility is playing an integral role in solving those problems with the Low Density Supersonic […]

The Moon is now a wi-fi Hotspot

What would you need to survive on the Moon? Air, water, some food, and if you ask the average American – wi-fi. We still have to wait for the air, water and food, but according to researchers from NASA and MIT, wi-fi on the Moon is quite feasible. They’ve even made a demonstration, downloading information from […]

Twitter to release all tweets for scientists: massive scientific tool, but also an ethical dilemma

Five hundred million tweets are tweeted each day – with so many details about the location, interests and behaviors of users, the tweets are a trove of useful information for scientists who might be, for example, looking to find patterns in human behaviors, checking out risk factors for health conditions and track the spread of infectious […]

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