NASA Puts Files For 3D Printable Model of Hurricane Julio Online

Hurricane Julio. Image via Wiki Commons.

The immense growth of the 3D printing industry is simply mind blowing – I just love how people are starting to apply the technology to more and more innovative areas (just a few examples: cranium replacement, 3D printed skin, tattoos, fossils, entire rooms). Now, it’s time for nature to be 3D printed: after Doug McCune 3D printed the USGS Earthquake Data…

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The Perfect Wake-up Call: This Clock Wakes You up with a Tea or Coffee Cup


Ernest Hemingway woke at dawn. Benjamin Franklin sat naked each morning. Beethoven counted sixty coffee beans. Everyone has their own morning rituals, but for some, waking up is more of an ordeal than a ritual. British creative designer Josh Renouf came up with an elegant solution to that problem. He has created a concept alarm clock which wakes you up…

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Watch: The Inside of a Huge Wasp Colony


Some wasps decided to build their colony next to the window of Youtube user Vang Tsal. Naturally, he was spooked – wasps are mean, and can be quite difficult to deal with. But instead of panicking and attempting to destroy the hive, he filmed it – and the results are spectacular: The colony now offers a perfect perspective of wasp…

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BP fined $17.6 billion following 2010′s “reckless” oil spill


A federal judge has called major oil company BP (British Petroleum) “reckless”, and Transocean and Halliburton “negligent” following the major oil spill of 2010. The US District Judge Carl Barbier has ruled that BP’s “gross negligence” was the main culprit for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which is considered to be the biggest marine disaster in history. The spill claimed 11…

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Pro-fracking newspaper ad banned by Advertising Standards Authority


The Advertising Standards Authority banned an ad which promoted fracking in the UK – this ad is really something else. It starts: “Dear Citizens of the United Kingdom, do you know that your country is blessed with an incredible gift?” OK, that’s fine, the UK has been blessed with lots of amazing gifts – but it’s quite a stretch to…

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‘Risking’ your life for the love of physics [a fantastic video lecture]


Some people become in love with physics because they’re secretly in love with the truth. Physics never lies, if you care to think in absolute terms, so there must be a great deal of comfort. The reason modern civilization works  they it does today is because of our faith in physics and other sciences. If the calculations are performed correctly,…

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Our little study: No, 9 out of 10 people don’t see the same word


Look at this image – what’s the first word you see? According to some (unscientific) sources, 9 out of 10 people see the same word. This has been spammed all over the internet and even snuck its way into some medical and psychological cabinets, but I had a feeling it’s hogwash – and you (yes, you, our wonderful readers) helped…


Roland le Fartere – a medieval flatulist from the 12th century


Roland le Fartere (also known as Roland the Farter) was a medieval flatulist who lived in 12th century England. He served as a jester for King Henry II, and apparently, he was so good at his job that he was rewarded for his services with a manor in Suffolk and 30 acres (120,000 square meters)! The historical reference can be…


Scientist kicked out of classical music concert for trying to crowdsurf


When theoretical chemists are potrayed in the media, it’s usually not for their musical experiences – but that’s exactly what happened to Dr David Glowacki, a Research Fellow at the Royal Society, affiliated with Stanford.  Glowacki was kicked out of a classical music concert for attempting to crowd surf during a performance of Handel’s “Messiah.” Everything started when the performers encouraged the…

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The World’s Deepest Hole Lies Beneath this Rusty Metal Cap – The Kola Superdeep Borehole


Would you believe me if I told you that under this rusty, abandoned metal cap there lies the deepest hole ever dug by mankind? That beneath this metal seal which measures only 9 inches in diameter there are 12,262 metres (40,230 ft) of nothingness? You might have your doubts – but you’d be wrong. A journey to the center of the…