How does a message in a bottle survive for 101 years at sea?

Last week, the story of a German fisherman made front news after he found a message in bottle floating in the Baltic Sea for nearly 101 years. What’s more, despite most of the text written was undecipherable, researchers at the Hamburg Museum were able to find the sender’s name and deliver the message to his […]

The Pharmacy that prescribes Monster Spray to kids that are scared of the dark

In the small town of Watford City, North Dakota (population 1,744), the local pharmacy has a cure for kids that are afraid of the dark. The bottle looks like any other drug (more or less), and comes with this simple indication: Spray around the room at night before bed, repeat if necessary. The bottle is […]

Skydiver nearly struck by meteor, catches it all on film

Anders Helstrup and several other members of Oslo Parachute Club were expecting a good time, and no major events when they went skydiving in Hedmark, Norway. They most certainly weren’t expecting a meteor swooping by past them. This is the first time in history that a meteorite has been filmed in the air after its […]

Medieval Latin dictionary completed after 100 years of work. Last entry is a type of beer

A truly monumental task has finally been finished: the final part of an epic dictionary of medieval Latin is to be published this week, finally closing a project that started over 100 years ago. The Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources has more than 58,000 entries, and spans over 15 volumes. The 16th and […]

The weirdest book in the world: codex seraphinianus

In 1981 Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini published what has since  remained in popular view as the weirdest book in history: Codex Seraphinianus. Filled with weird psychedelic illustrations, the book is written in a language that both doesn’t exist and can’t be decyphered. The book features all kinds of illustrations, designed in […]

The African tribe which still wears Victorian clothes

The Herero are an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Southern Africa, inhabiting mostly Namibia. There are some 250.000 members living today; the Hereros in Namibia are still, to this day, wearing the Victorian style of clothing of the German people who once tried to wipe them out. In 1892, Germans colonists started arriving in Namibia, […]

Dream job for the lazy: NASA pays $5000/month to lie in bed

No joke – and yes, you can play World of Warcraft, or any other computer game for that matter. So, do you need some time off from your stressful life, while making good money and also helping science? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then pack your bags and head on to Houston because NASA wants […]

The oldest building in the world: Wyoming cabin made mostly from dinosaur fossils

Though built in 1933, the Fossil Cabin near the dinosaur graveyard at Como Bluff is, in a way, the oldest building in the world: the walls of the building were built out of 5,796 mortared-together dinosaur bones, dug from nearby areas. Initially, the building was part of a gasoline filling station along US 30 by […]

New female scientist figurines introduced by LEGO

There’s a huge gender gap between men and women in science that can be tied to early segregation in childhood (boys with math, girls with humanities), continuing with bias against women pursuing science, either in the classroom, academia or industry later on in life. Efforts to close this gender gap are made, and progress, albeit […]

Why architects shouldn’t miss their physics classes – London’s newest building melts car

Of course any architect does a lot of mechanics and all that, but he also shouldn’t miss the optics classes: a high-end Jaguar has partially melted after it was parked in the sizzling-hot reflections coming from London’s newest skyscraper. Yep, a luxury car has partially melted due to the reflections from a nearby skyscraper – […]

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