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“I wanted to take a picture of an octopus… but the octopus took pictures of me”


How the tables have turned! While documenting the experiments conducted on campus, Benjamin Savard, a digital media producer at Middlebury College, wanted to take some underwater pictures of an octopus. But the octopus had other plans. It grabbed the camera and turned it on Savard, who posted the photos and GIF of the entire sequence on Reddit.   “I was just trying to brainstorm


ZME Science Newsletter – Spring is here!


Time flies fast when you’re trying to figure out the mysteries of the Universe… it seems like 2015 started just yesterday, and now winter is already over. Let’s take a deep breath and have a look at what we’ve done so far in 2015, what went right, what went wrong, and what we’re planning for the future! What you liked

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Christians Against Dinosaurs – The Latest Quackery From the Internet


“I am getting sick and tired of dinosaurs being forced on our children.” You just know something’s up when you hear that kind of phrase. Apparently a group of concerned Christians stood up against what they believe to be the grand conspiracy of scientists: shoving dinosaurs into the world so they can make money. I’ll just let you watch this

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Study Confirms What Everyone Suspected: Teens Get Less and Less Sleep

Image via Wall Street OTC.

US researchers have conducted a national survey and found that the percentage of U.S. teens who get seven or more hours of sleep is steadily decreasing. The number of teens suffering from sleep deprivation has continuously decreased, up to the point where less than half of all teens sleep adequately.

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Oldest Man in Australia is Saving Penguins by Knitting Them Sweaters

An oily penguin gets around in his sweater.

Alfred “Alfie” Date is Australia’s oldest living person, at 109; he’s also a self-taught expert knitter who is doing his best to help penguins in Australia and New Zealand survive oil spills – by knitting them sweaters. He told 9stories he answered the call of Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation which asked for knitters from around the world to make tiny woolen sweaters for Little Penguins

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Thousands of Fish To Be Freed From Abandoned Mall in Thailand [with Photos]

Image via City Lab.

The Bangkok’s New World Mall is one of the most dystopian places on Earth – initially 11 stories high, now the building can only boast 4, and it has no roof. A population of fish thrived in the post-apocalyptic setting, but now, with the building being set for demolition, the fish are finally going to be set free. An estimated 3,000

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Education has no age limit: 90 year old woman goes back to primary school

Image via BBC.

It’s never too late to do something you really want to – and this is a great example. A 90 year old woman from Kenya decided to go to primary school. She is believed to be the oldest pupil in the world. Sitting at the front of the class (because seeing can be a bit difficult when you’re 90), Priscilla Sitienei

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Norway Builds The World’s First Bike Escalator

Photos: Bic (left) and Alan Ford (right)/Creative Commons

If you’ve ever cycled in a hilly area, then you know what a problem it can be – especially if it’s an urban area; also, for older people, or people with mild cardiac issues but who still practice light cycling, it can be quite dangerous. Norway has come up with a solution to that issue – they’ve developed the world’s