Your brain tricks you into seeing difficult goals as less appealing

Thanks brain…

Dogs and capuchins judge you as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, hint at the birth of human morality

Something as simple as opening a jar goes a long way with anyone. Even other species.

We sleep to forget things, new study finds

Sleep is as mysterious as it is vital for our wellbeing.

Another study finds weekend camping resets your body clock

Camping is an excellent antidote to the ills of modern life, a new study has found.

We dislike hypocrites because they deceive us, not because they do things they disapprove of

No one likes a hypocrite, that’s for sure. But honest hypocrites… are almost ok.

Just half an hour of moderate aerobic exercise can do wonders for the brain

A new study suggests a moderate workout improves neuroplasticity.

Children can become closer to pets than to siblings, study finds

Because no one wants to feed and wash their siblings.

Women really are better multi-taskers, study finds

I can’t even walk and text without hitting lamp posts.

During REM sleep, memory is consolidated by weeding out unwanted neural connections

Sleep is very important for the brain. Here’s what happens during the most active phase of sleep.

Why it doesn’t get dark when we blink

Blinking is strange, at least in one regard.