Learning to read changes your brain from stem to cortex, study finds

The more you do it, the better it gets.

Study shows the martial art of Tai Chi is effective against depression

Fighting depression with a martial art.

Lack of sleep makes your brain start eating itself

Yikes! I’m off to bed.

Neuron cluster which can override sleep identified in the fruit fly brain

95% of students like this bundle of neurons.

Alcohol doesn’t change our personality as much as we blame it

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep blaming it.

Biology imparts us with instinctive color categories — culture only shapes them

Color is hardwired into the brain.

Our perception of a character comes not from their actions, but from how they compare to others

There’s a thin line between hero and villain — one we redraw quite liberally.

Speech and language deficits aren’t to blame for autistic children’s tantrums

Knowing what it’s not brings us one step closer to understanding what it is.

People with good memory get bored faster

The reason is pretty simple.

Each language you speak in alters your perception of time, study finds

The pen is mightier than the clock too, it seems.