Beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev commits to 100 percent renewable energy

Future beers will be made with 100% renewable energy.

Clean energy creates more than twice as many jobs than fossil in the US, report finds

Breadwinners > Election winners. Just sayin’.

German coal mine will be converted into a huge hydro battery for renewable energy

The old making way for the new.

Bacteria powered a battery for 13 straight days

All possible through bacterial teamwork!

Record-breaking silicon solar cell efficiency of 26.6% demonstrated by Japanese researchers, very close to the theoretical limit

We’re getting closer to the ideal silicon solar cell.

Google tool that calculates the solar energy potential of your rooftop expands to all 50 states

It’s never been easier to make an informed, market-based decision about going solar.

Wind energy could generate a quarter million new jobs by 2020 in the US alone, and an economic impact of $85 billion

America’s largest renewable energy source will continue to add a lot of new jobs in the coming years.

An artificial renewable energy ‘paradise’ island will be built in the North Sea

When up and running, it will provide affordable energy for 80 million people.

UK slaps massive 800% tax increase for rooftop solar panels

The UK is taking huge strides — but in the opposite direction.

Denmark just ran a day entirely on wind energy — again

‘The transition is fully underway. If we are looking for cheap, competitive and reliable, I don’t see much alternative to wind’ says Wind Europe spokesman