37% of Norway’s new cars are electric. It might be 100% by 2025

While Trump is busy trying to revigorate the ailing fossil fuel industry, the rest of the world is preparing for an energy revolution. The Norway market reported another milestone, as more thanĀ 100,000 zero-emission electric cars have hit the roads, which is remarkable for a country with only 5,2 million inhabitants. According to a new report, 37% of the country’s new

New bill could require California to get 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2045

The leader of the California Senate just introduced one of the most aggressive renewable energy mandate in the nation. More ambitious action like this, please!

Tesla now makes batteries that are 35% cheaper thanks to Gigafactory 1 — breakthrough cost of $125/kWh achieved

At $100/kWh stored wind and power becomes competitive with conventional power.

At least 2016 was amazing for solar — 95% more solar power capacity came online than in the previous year. That’s almost 15GW

Solar is growing beyond expectations.

Non-toxic, non-corrosive flow battery could last for more than a decade

This could be a game changer for storing renewable energy like wind or solar.

We can achieve the 2C objective, but we have to go 100% renewable energy by 2060

It’s an optimistic hypothesis, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

There are now twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in the US

Regardless of what one fossil-fuel-lover president may do, renewable energy is thriving in the US.

John Deere announces first electric tractor

The iconic American manufacturer has announced plans to release its first fully electric tractor.

China is now the world’s largest solar producer

Thus, China consolidates its role as a world leader in renewable energy.

Rows of Tesla batteries will keep Southern California’s lights on during the night

And charge up using daylight. Elegant!