Swiss technology can store heat in the summer to warm up your home all winter

It’s like pickling heat.

All electric Dutch trains are now 100% powered by wind energy

The trains consume as much electricity as all Dutch households.

Recognizing the Benefits of Renewable Energy

When are we going to sober up and realize fossil fuels have met their end?

Decreasing the Costs of Renewable Energy

The cost of renewable energy is dropping worldwide.

How to Cooperatively Cultivate a Renewable Energy Future

In our transition to renewable energy, the technology of harnessing renewable resources for our electricity needs continues to evolve.

China to invest $360bn in renewable power by 2020

A new energy leader.

Renewables just surpassed coal as the largest source of new electricity

It’s been a long and crazy ride, but coal’s time seems to be finally fading away.

Renewable energy could generate up to 500,000 jobs in Morocco by 2040

Morocco’s taking the right steps.

Installing solar was cheaper than fossil fuels in 2016

It’s happening – renewables are becoming cheaper than fossil fuels!

Solar energy in the United States had its best quarter ever. Can it keep it up, though?

It’s been a wonderful year for solar in the U.S.