London to introduce £10 ($12) vehicle tax for polluting cars

The announcement comes after a disastrous couple of months for London in terms of air quality.

Europe has to shut down all of its coal-fired plants by 2030 to meet its Paris Agreement pledge

Seriously ambitious action is needed if we’re to avert 1.5 C of global warming.

Cyclists in Latvia show just how much space a car occupies on the road

Do you know what’s worse for the environment than driving a car? Driving alone.

Heatwave kills thousands of flying foxes in Australia

A massive heatwave that hit Australia since last week killed more than a thousand of the endangered species.

No, absolutely not — the NOAA did not ‘fake’ any climate change data

The fact that we are still debating man-made climate change.

Climate change has already harmed more than half of all mammals

It’s even worse than we thought.

Ocean acidification may be even worse for corals than previously thought

Sorry, no good news.

The British are slowly accepting that climate change is real

Scotland fares particularly well, better than England and Wales.

Humans are changing the climate 170 times faster than natural forces

“The human magnitude of climate change looks more like a meteorite strike than a gradual change.”

Enormous crack in Antarctica’s ice shelf is forcing scientists to retreat from 30-year-old research base

A huge iceberg the size of Delaware could completely break free in the coming month.