Scientists want to track ocean heat using magnetic fields

As the Earth heats up, much of the heat sinks into the oceans.

Yes, in case there was any doubt – 2016 was the warmest year on record

In case anyone had any doubts, the year that just ended was the hottest on record.

Barack Obama transfers $500 million to green climate fund in bid to save Paris Agreement

In one of his last moves as an American president, Barack Obama has ensured a significant payment for the future of the planet’s climate.

If Donald Trump won’t lead on climate, China is ready to take the reins

Trump should know better.

New deposit of 30 billion tonnes of carbon found trapped in Congo’s peatland

The carbon trapped there is equivalent to 20 years worth of U.S. emissions.

China to invest $360bn in renewable power by 2020

A new energy leader.

CO2 trapped in soil is leaking, exacerbating global warming

If the paper is right, then 17 percent more emissions will be released into the atmosphere by 2050.

Why there is no global warming hiatus — new study confirms the obvious

The planet is still warming , and fast.

The most depressing report of the year says 2016 saw unprecedented warming in the Arctic

Things aren’t looking good up north.

Feeling besieged, climate scientists start archiving data before Trump gets a chance to shred it

Some are concerned that the new administration will destroy vital data on climate change.