We can’t count on trees to solve our global warming mess — there’s just too much CO2 out there

We’d have to plant trees instead of food.

India cancels plans for huge coal power station — because solar energy is getting so cheap

Coal is losing more and more ground.

Replacing beef with beans on Americans’ plates might be the fastest way to cut CO2 emissions

If Americans ate beans instead of beef, the U.S. would realize 50 to 75% of its 2020 GHG-reduction targets.

It’s so hot that Antarctica is going green, as global warming triggers moss explosion

When we said ‘Go green,’ this really wasn’t what we had in mind.

Trump wants to cut the DOE’s spending on renewable energy by 70%

Trump wants to set clean tech on fire.

India and China are cutting down on coal, and this will save the atmosphere from 2-3 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2030

China and India are fast becoming climate champions. Who would have thought?

Climate change is messing up the schedule of migratory birds

It’s a sad lullaby for the songbirds — and not just for them.

Diesel cars sold in 2015 emit 50% more NOx emissions than anyone thought

The ‘Diesel Gate’ scandal runs deep and its effects will be widely felt for many years to come.

EPA dismisses climate change scientists ‘to replace them with industry reps’

Things are getting scarier and scarier.

EPA removes climate science website to “reflect the priorities… of President Trump and Administrator Pruitt”

The new age of censorship.