Finally, a large-scale probiotics trial is successful — it combats infant sepsis

It’s one of the few major trials that actually reported success.

Ocean exploration reveals trove of natural diversity off Cuba’s shores

The reefs seem healthier… let’s try to keep them that way.

Scientists figure out the “recipe” for magic mushrooms

Psilocybin has repeatedly shown promise in treating some mental issues — this might usher in a new age of testing.

Baby dolphin killed as hundreds of selfish tourists take pictures with it

Please stop taking photos with wild animals!

Untouched 106 year old fruitcake found in the Antarctic — it’s probably still edible

No one touched it for more than a century, not even the penguins.

Book Review: ‘Universal’

In a world of whats, Universal is a book of whys and hows.

Blood test can find cancer even before any symptoms emerge

Genetic sequencing could pave the way for a new age of cancer detection.

Researchers hijack plant to produce polio vaccine

Anti-vaxxers finally have a natural option.

Two-thousand-year-old ‘Great Wall of Siberia’ discovered by archaeologists

The wall measured eight meters tall and ten meters wide.

Knee arthritis has doubled since 1950, and we don’t really know why

Aging and obesity alone cannot explain it.

Popular pesticides are killing of bumblebees by preventing them from laying eggs

It’s time to face it: our pesticides are killing off bees — and bumblebees.

New tectonic plate discovered off the cost of Ecuador

We might be missing a few more.

Same-sex couples have no influence on child’s gender identity

It’s a prejudice that just has to go.

Chinese doctors replace woman’s vertebrae with 3D printed titanium implants

Medical technology is entering a new era.

Chicago tree map reveals intriguing pattern: trees seem to reduce crime rate

The benefits that trees provide — both in terms of the environment and our health — should not be understated.

UN declares Somalia polio-free

Soon, we might truly eradicate polio.

Pakistan just planted one billion trees to tackle deforestation and climate change

Talk about pulling your weight!

TRAPPIST-1, the dwarf star with seven Earth-sized planets, is older than our solar system

This could be both good and bad for potential extraterrestrial life.

Arizona fleas now carrying the plague, doctors warn

Yes, THE plague.

Elon Musk’s AI just beat the pros at Dota 2 — one of the most popular and complex computer games

Robots are now beating us at computer games.