Viking 1: Laying the Foundation of Space Exploration on Mars

We have touched Mars. There is life on Mars, and it is us—extensions of our eyes in all directions, extensions of our mind, extensions of our heart and soul… — Ray Bradbury, science fiction author, speaking at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, October 8, 1976 Traveling to Mars has been the dream of many people, long before the beginning

Astrophysicist calculates a one in 87 billion chance Melania Trump’s speech was not plagiarised

A 1 in 87 billion chance.

‘Shocking,’ ‘Plain Stupid’: New British Prime Minister shuts down Climate Change Office

The UK seems hell bent on making unfortunate decissions.

Tesla just changed one word in its mission statement – and it’s a big change


Borneo orangutan and two shark species hit extinction ‘red list’

It is alarming to see such emblematic species slide towards extinction

In the long run, morphine might actually cause more pain than it alleviates

Painkillers in the opium family (most notably morphine) may actually make pain last longer, a new study reports. Morphine treatment after a nerve injury doubled the duration of pain in rats and this is highly worrying. It gets even more disturbing when you consider the addictive potential of many commercial opioids such as OxyContin and Vicodin. If this is true, then people are becoming

Scientists create robotic stingray powered by light-activated muscle cells

It’s just as crazy as it sounds.