Ontario, Canada, to start piloting basic income project

Out of all the ideas to end global poverty, the simplest seems to also be more effective: governments just handing out money to people.

Bizarre life forms found living in Mexican crystals

Geologists have made a shocking discovery in a crystal-rich cave in Mexico.

Landsat satellite spots sunken shipwrecks in coastal waters

An estimated 3 million shipwrecks are scattered across the planet’s oceans.

Dystopia today: Official German watchdog tells parents a doll might be spying on their children

Technology is evolving faster than we can adapt to it.

LSD gets stuck in your brain — literally. This could help us develop better (health) drugs

A new study sheds some light on what drug-takers have known or years: acid trips last a long time.

World’s rarest boa rediscovered after 64 years

Locals often kill these snakes, although they’re not dangerous for humans.

New study finds a myriad of applications for crab sugar

A review of recent research found that an unexpected mixture could do wonders for bone regeneration and wound healing.

The Hunger Games: Extreme calorie reduction may increase lifespan

Five days of hunger a month could significantly reduce aging and age-related medical conditions.

Historical Misconceptions You Probably Believe

It’s very easy to get tricked into believing something that’s just not true – here we’ll be taking a look at this type of thing.

We could eat 90% of the fish we feed other fish

Warning: I say ‘fish’ lots of times in this article.