Switzerland votes against strict phase-out of nuclear energy

Switzerland is, as you’d expect, one of the countries with the cleanest energy.

No, global temperatures aren’t “plunging” – fake news is acting up

What can go wrong when loudmouths spread fake information?

All London buses will be green by 2018

This is the end for London’s dirty buses.

British researchers on the hunt for world’s oldest ice

As the Antarctic spring comes to an end and the “summer” enters into force, a team of geoscientists is seeking 1.5-million-year ice.

After the Earthquake: Stunning Photos Show Huge Rock Walls Rising from Below

A sight to behold.

In times of turmoil, academics stand up, develop code of conduct and reaffirm fight against racism, misogyny and climate change denial

In times of political turmoil, academics are often the first to react.

China is building a huge solar plant at Chernobyl

When one door closes, another one opens.

The world’s oldest person (and only one still born in the 1800s) celebrates 117th birthday

When Emma Morano was born, Umberto I was still reigning over Italy.

World’s poorest countries pledge to 100% renewable energy

They’re leapfrogging developed countries.

According to the FBI, there are 7 types of protesters

Which one are you?