Violence might be deeply embedded in our genes, study finds

This is no excuse to get violent, though.

Ancient Roman coins found in Japan

Coins issued in ancient Rome 1,700 years ago were found in Japan, some 6,000 miles from the Empire’s capital.

How India broke the record for planting trees: 50 million in one day

800,000 volunteers worked for 24 hours.

Archaeologists rediscover magnificent Petra gardens with startlingly advanced irrigation system

The ancient gardens featured fountains, ponds, and a huge swimming pool.

Archaeologists find unusual 200-year old site: it’s a pub

Yes, this means there’s 200-year-old brandy.

The U.S. is likely failing its share of the Paris agreement

A new study found that the US isn’t carrying its own weight.

Some fact checking from last night’s Presidential Debate

We’re not going to discuss any politics but what we are going to do is a bit of fact checking.

This futuristic bike can reach 144 km/h

It broke the record for man-powered vehicle, and it’s not stopping here.

Gamers outdid scientists and algorithms in a race to figure out a protein’s shape – again

Gamers vs scientists: 2-0.

These lionesses have grown a mane and are acting like males

Five lionesses in Botswana have grown male-like manes and one is even roaring and humping other females.