Australia censors UNESCO climate report to remove references to the Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s government wants to stick its head in the sand and simply ignore reality instead of making actual efforts to protect the reef.

This footage of Friday’s perfect SpaceX landing will take your breath away

Few things in life can claim to be truly breathtaking, and even fewer of those things are man-made. But this perfect rocket landing from SpaceX can definitely claim that:

The Bizarre History of Mad Honey: sweetener, psychedelic, weapon of war

Mad honey has been harvested in Turkey for millennia and it’s been used as a sweetener, a drug, and even a weapon of war; here is its story.

‘Cabshots’ are taking over the internet

#cabshots are taking over the internet

This picture maps international science collaborations

The Nature Index highlights scientific outputs from countries, organizations, and even individual researchers.

This algebra book is going viral for all the wrong reasons

Some things on the internet are just mind-bending, and this is definitely one of them.

Most European scientific articles to be freely accessible by 2020

It’s high time something like this happened.