The world’s biggest pyramid isn’t in Egypt – it’s hidden under a mountain in Mexico

You’d think the world’s biggest pyramid is in Egypt – after all, they do call it The Great Pyramid.

Costa Rica has been running on electricity for 113 days straight

… and counting!

Amazing Chemical Reactions You’re Not Going to Believe Are Real

Some are surprising, some are dangerous — but all amazing chemical reactions. Don’t try this at home!

Ancient Alaskans feasted on salmon 12,000 years ago

Modern archaeology is a lot like crime scene investigation.

Net neutrality wins in Europe – a victory for the internet as we know it

A discussion of tremendous importance for the internet was taking place these days, although most of us weren’t even aware of it.

The world’s tallest timber building opens in Canada – ahead of schedule

The towering Brock Commons is the world’s biggest structure made from wood.

Large volcano in Iceland might be set to erupt, temblors warn

After two large earthquakes with magnitudes over 4, the Katla volcano in Iceland seems set to erupt.

NASA’s Juno shuttle gets up close and personal with Jupiter

NASA’s Juno shuttle will get closer to Jupiter than any other man-made structure.

Scientists ‘jump-start’ man’s brain after coma

Scientists have used a sonic technique to excite a man’s neurons, effectively waking up a man from a coma.

New study shows global warming was a long time coming

Scientists showed that consistent global warming started in the 1830s.