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High-salt diet could protect against microbes, but you still shouldn’t eat too much

Image via Health only.

Many people today are consuming more salt than they actually need – while this may make foods more tasty, it also increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. But a new study found that dietary salt could actually have a dietary advantage, defending the body against invading microbes.

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Weight loss drugs may lead to cancer development


In the developed world, obesity is one of the biggest health concerns, so weight loss is one of the hottest topics today. But while dietary supplements and gastric by-pass surgeries are becoming more and more popular, we are also starting to discover issues associated with these procedures. Recently, a study published in Cell showed that the new generation of weight loss drugs may actually favor cancer development.

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Featured Researchers: This Week in Science


OK, it’s been a while since we did this feature, but it’s back now – and it’s here to stay. This is where we take a look back at the past week, discussing the most interesting studies and the researchers behind them. Bees have false memories too   Article Featured Researcher: Lars Chittka Affiliation: Chittka Lab, Queen Mary University of London Research Interests: His

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The tragic story of Tanzanian Albinos – hunted for body parts for witchcraft


Most of the time, the so-called civilized world would just rather turn a blind eye towards what is happening in Africa; right now, I’d like to shed some light on what it’s like to be an albino in Africa, and more specific, Tanzania.

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Chile Villarica Volcano Spews Ash and Lava

Image credits: Reddit user schmick.

The Villarrica volcano in southern Chile erupted in the early hours of Tuesday morning, spewing lava and ash up to 1,000 meters in the air (3,300 feet). The 2840m-high towering volcano is an active volcano with a lava lake in its crater, and is considered a popular attractions among hikers.   Authorities have issued a warning and evacuated over 2,000 people, but

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Good News: Biggest Study Yet of Penis Size Confirms Average Size


Many men (and women) are curious about the average penis size, but Dr. Abraham Morgentaler took it to the next level. He conducted a study on over 15,000 men to create a chart of the average size – and the good news is, you’re probably better off than you think. “Most men tend to believe they’re smaller than average, and there’s

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Genetically Speaking, You’re More Like Your Dad

Image via Pixabay.

You may look more like your mom or more like your dad, but technically, you inherit equal amounts of genetic information from both; however, a new study has shown that you (and all mammals for that matter) are genetically more like their dads. If that sounds a bit confusing… well, it is. Specifically, although we inherit equal amounts of genetic mutations from both our parents, the mutations that make us who we are and not some other person actually ‘use’ more of the DNA that we inherit from our dads.

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An old looking galaxy found in a young Universe

This spectacular view from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the rich galaxy cluster Abell 1689, which acted like a gravitational lens. Image credits: NASA.

Many people change a lot after their youth… and so to did our Universe. Nowadays, galaxies contain both dust and gas, but back in the early Big-Bang days, the earliest galaxies had no dust, only gas. Now, a team of astronomers has discovered a very young galaxy with lots of dust – the equivalent of a white-bearded young man.

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The world’s first image of light as both a particle and a wave

The wave signature is on the top of the image, while the photons are at the bottom. Image: Fabrizio Carbone/EPFL

We see light every day, and yet, we don’t truly understand it; it’s either a particle or a wave, or both at the same time… and we don’t really know why. Now, for the first time, researchers have captured an image of light behaving as a particle and a wave at the same time.