Scientists develop tape that adheres to anything and rejects all liquids

They call it a superomniphobic tape.

A Russian start-up schools Google and Facebook facial recognition technology

NTechLab is only one year old, but it’s already making headlines and playing with the big boys in the industry.

European lander likely crashes onto Mars

The bad news starts to sink in.

Tasmanian devils developing resistance to horrendous infectious face cancer

I’d expect nothing less from the Tasmanian devils.

What rocks is the Moon made from?

What’s the Moon made from, anyway?

A pair of astronauts have entered China’s Tiangong 2 space station, beginning the country’s longest manned space mission

China is making strides in its own space program.

A seaweed could help us curb greenhouse gas emissions – if we feed it to cows

It can make a big difference.

German U-boat found off the coast of Scotland

They say a giant sea creature destroyed it.

Why the dryer shrinks your clothes

I hate it when this happens.

Just days in the mountains can improve your blood for months

Just a few hours in the mountains can significantly change your bloodstream