Creating the Culture for a Renewable Energy Future

Renewable energy has already won the battle against fossil fuels, despite the big subsidies for oil and gas.

Decreasing the Costs of Renewable Energy

The cost of renewable energy is dropping worldwide.

How to Cooperatively Cultivate a Renewable Energy Future

In our transition to renewable energy, the technology of harnessing renewable resources for our electricity needs continues to evolve.

How humans lost their penis bone and why it’s actually very important for primates

A lot of species have it.

Genes show how the seahorse got its cute snout and became such a great father

Male seahorses can get ‘pregnant’ and a new study can tell us how.

Whales as Ecological Engineers

Given the sheer size of whales, it should be no surprise that they make some very important contributions to ecosystems.

Why We Have to Promote Renewable Energy

Climate change is real, but do you feel powerless in facing that reality?

Putting Value On The “Gene” In Genealogy

Every day, scientists discover new ways through which genes influence our life.

Do women really go for ‘bad boys’? Let’s ask science

“Nice guys finish last” is one of the most widely believed maxims of dating.

2001 Mars Odyssey Spacecraft Reaches 15-Year Anniversary

For a record-breaking 15 years now, the Mars Odyssey spacecraft has orbited Mars and provided an unprecedented global view of the planet.

Exploring HIIT And Its Advantages Over Steady-State Workouts, According to Science

While athletes have been using HIIT as part of routine training, it has steadily gained popularity among casual exercisers and in the healthcare setting.

Experts are more likely to form false memories about events in their field

The more you know about a topic, the more likely you are are to remember things that never were there.

Is there any place for the soul in science?

“There is nothing left for the soul to do.”

Cooperative prey hunting and sharing observed in Norwegian seal-eating killer whales

In Norway, a research project regularly uses drones to investigate dietary habits and predation behaviours of killer whale groups.

Why renewable energy is getting cheaper all the time

The challenges of transitioning to a renewable electricity sector are no doubt great, but it sure helps that it’s cheap!

5 Ways Barbados Excels at Sustainability

To preserve its environment for future generations, Barbados has adopted sustainability in five ways.

Black Holes are sending quantum messages in the universe

Spinning black holes are capable of complex quantum information processes encoded in the X-ray photons emitted by the accretion disk.

Happy 100th Birthday, National Parks!

As a former park ranger, I’ve been looking forward to this date for 20 years.

‘Primordial soup’ theory doesn’t hold up, study says. Instead, life might have first emerged elsewhere

New research suggests the “primordial soup” theory can’t explain how living cells evolved to harness energy.

Jogging can add years to your life – here are six simple tips to get you started

Regular jogging increases the life expectancy of men by 6.2 years, and women by 5.6 years.