NASA’s data on asteroids may be way off, new billionaire study finds

Nathan Myhrvold, a former Microsoft chief, billionaire, scientist and patent creator recently published a study in which he claims NASA has made many fundamental errors in its analysis of asteroid data.

Oldest beer making tools found in China are 5,000-years-old

Ancient Chinese villagers already mastered beer making more than 5,000 years ago, according to archaeologists who found beer-making equipment in the Shaanxi province.

Make Python great again: programming language emulates Donald Trump

At a Rice University hackathon, students Sam Shadwell and Chris Brown made a version of the popular programming language Python that’s designed to compile scripts like Donald Trump.

‘Little Lion Galaxy’ offers clues about the Big Bang

A faint, blue galaxy 30 million light years away from Earth could help us understand the conditions from the birth of the Universe. Nicknamed “The Little Lion”, the galaxy contains the lowest level of heavy chemical elements ever observed in a system of stars – meaning its make-up is similar to what was happening directly after Big Bang.

Pluto is much more planet-like than we give it credit for

Despite its demotion from the planet status, Pluto continues to surprise us. As we receive more and more information from the Deep Horizons mission, we’re understanding more and more what a complex system Pluto really is – just like a planet. The latest example comes in the form of an unexpected interaction with the solar wind. “This is a type

NASA releases first ever topographic model of Mercury [the planet]

NASA just released the first ever topographic model of Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun.

This small, dim star could be our best bet of finding extraterrestrial life

It’s a paradigm shift.