New NASA phone app is basically ‘Plant Sims in Space’

Take a trip on the ISS and grow some plants.

Rare prediction: Star collision will be visible with the naked eye in 2022

It’s an unprecedented prediction.

Hubble Telescope maps Voyager’s road trip

As Voyager continues to go where no other mission has gone before, it receives a bit of help from the Hubble Telescope.

Cancer death rate down 25% since its 1991 peak

This translates into 2.1 million averted deaths, showing that cancer research and prevention screening works.

The surprisingly colorful underwater ecosystem beneath Antarctica’s sea ice

Simply stunning!

Rubies and sapphires rain down on huge planet

Still a hellish planet, but a beautiful hellish planet at that.

Scientists are closer to bringing back enormous, ancient cow

Scientists are trying to de-extinct ancient cows called aurochs.

Boron found on Mars – a signature of long-term habitable groundwater

Water on Mars? Yes please!

The most depressing report of the year says 2016 saw unprecedented warming in the Arctic

Things aren’t looking good up north.

Space loops: NASA shares its GIF collection

A new reaction GIF archive, courtesy of NASA.