Chinese space station is ‘out of control,’ will soon crash on earth

At a press conference in China, officials have confirmed what many already suspected: China is no longer in control of its space station.

Neanderthals used to make jewelry and symbolic ornaments, a find that puts an old debate to rest

Neanderthals were far smarter than most of us give them credit for.

Astronomers get the first glimpse of solar wind as it forms

Using images of the Sun and strong processing algorithms, scientists have observed solar winds emerging from the corona.

Second largest meteorite in the world, a 30-tonne monster, unearthed in Argentina

This puppy must have made some damage.

Internet schools man for trying to “mansplain” a NASA astronaut

‘It’s simple thermo,’ he said.

NASA prepares mission to intercept asteroid

NASA is preparing for a potentially game-changing mission: intercepting an asteroid and bringing a sample back home.

Defunct Philae found on the surface of the comet

As Rosetta’s mission draws close to an end, its high-resolution camera snapped a few photos of the Philae lander.

Oldest evidence of life on Earth found in 3.7-billion-year fossil

Pushing the boundaries of life farther in time than ever before.

First stars formed much later than we thought

The European Space Agency’s Planck satellite has revealed some information which may force us to rethink the evolution of the early Universe.

SpaceX rocket explodes during satellite launch

SpaceX has suffered a serious setback after one of its rockets, carrying a $200 million communications satellite, exploded yesterday.