India just launched 20 satellites in 26 minutes and made history

India’s space agency is taking huge strides forward.

Hyperloop One and Russia sign deal to build an ultra-fast Silk Road

The short-term plan involves bringing the Hyperloop to Moscow and its 16 million citizens, but the long-term plan is even more ambitious…

Is brain training bogus? New study suggests this billion dollar industry only delivers placebos

This billion-dollar industry is based on highly glamorized studies which can only be classed as poor science.

Watch 6,000 Years of Urbanization in 3 Minutes

A new study from Yale University mapped urban centers from 3700 B.C. to 2000 A.D. It’s an amazing ride!

Dubai to start building world’s biggest concentrated solar power plant

Dubai loves to take things to the superlative, and the city isn’t toying around this time either.

Working graveyard shifts puts your heart at risk

Those who work odd hours in shifts risk heart complications.

Chimps and Bonobos use sounds and gestures back-and-forth, mimicking human conversation

A conversation is a two-way street where cooperation is paramount, and humans aren’t the only great apes that put it to good use.