The surprisingly colorful underwater ecosystem beneath Antarctica’s sea ice

Simply stunning!

Rubies and sapphires rain down on huge planet

Still a hellish planet, but a beautiful hellish planet at that.

Scientists are closer to bringing back enormous, ancient cow

Scientists are trying to de-extinct ancient cows called aurochs.

Boron found on Mars – a signature of long-term habitable groundwater

Water on Mars? Yes please!

The most depressing report of the year says 2016 saw unprecedented warming in the Arctic

Things aren’t looking good up north.

Space loops: NASA shares its GIF collection

A new reaction GIF archive, courtesy of NASA.

Startup gets green light to travel to the moon and explore for resources

This is the first company to travel to the Moon and explore its potential for resources.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to finally reach Saturn’s rings

The Cassini spacecraft, which has already had a helluva ride, is preparing for an exciting stage: studying Saturn’s rings.

Michigan’s biggest energy provider will phase out coal, despite Trump

The coal industry seems to be singing its swan song, despite political efforts to save it.

Bike lanes may be the most cost-effective ways to improve public health

A new study has revealed that among all the existing measures to improve public health, bike lanes could trump them all.

Astronomers discover deep valley on Mercury formed through Earth-like processes

Mercury, one of the most hellish places in the Solar System, is shrinking.

THE fusion energy video you should watch

Fusion could usher in a new age of energy but for most of us, fusion energy is still a big question mark.

How to do a skin polish by yourself, at home

Taking care of your skin is helpful not only for your looks but also for your health.

Mount St. Helens, the deadliest volcano in the U.S., has cold feet

This powerful volcano is more bizarre than meets the eye.

Curiosity finds weird metallic meteorite on Mars

While taking its usual stroll on Mars, the Curiosity Rover found something unexpected: a dark, smooth meteorite.

Massive dome found on top of the world’s largest active magma store

An enormous dome was found deep in the Andes, on top of a massive magma store.

Harvard pushes the boundaries and fully 3-D prints a heart-on-a-chip device

The new printing technique could be very useful for long-term medical studies.

How To Get A Freelance Home Job in Science

Working from home is becoming more and more popular.

Blink, and you might miss the brightest stars in our neighborhood blowing up

It’s going to be one heck of a show once it happens.

Universe has 2 trillion galaxies, 20 times more than we thought, new study claims

We may have dramatically underestimated what lies in the Universe.