Rare wolves are two unique species — and this fact might save them both

The new study might end up saving both species.

How coyotes conquered North America — and are still expanding fast

The canines are expanding so much they might even become a South American species.

Most grey wolves today are actually wolf-dog hybrids, due to cross-breeding

Who’s a hybrid booooy?! Yes you are a hybrid booooy!

A demonic robo-wolf is now protecting Japanese farmlands

The scarecrow of the 21st century.

Why wolves and hyenas are hunting together in the Middle East

A pack of wolves has been spotted hunting with a hyena, something that has never been reported before.

Wolves are better than dogs at solving problems, study finds

An experiment has found that domestic dogs have lost some of their problem solving abilities, and wolves currently do a much better job than them. In her paper published in the journal Biology Letters, they describe this result, and also offer a possible explanation.

Unique friendship between wolf and bear documented by Finnish photographer

A female gray wolf and a male brown bear were spotted every day for ten consecutive days, spending time together, playing and even sharing food. “It’s very unusual to see a bear and a wolf getting on like this” says Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen, 56, who took these surprising photos. From what I could find, it’s actually the first time,

Adorabile Video: Wolf Puppy gets the Hiccups

We’ve got more in common with wolves than maybe we’d like to admit – as is the case with the annoying hiccups. Probably the most adorable hiccuping I’ve ever seen, this video was posted by the NY Wolf Conservation Center: Hiccups are involuntary contractions of the diaphragm – the sheet of internal skeletal muscle that extends across the bottom of