Orangutans can ‘talk’ about the past and the future, study suggests

We used to believe this is a human-only perk.

Show people the dangers of sugary beverages and they’ll pick healthier options

Graphic warnings work — text ones? Not so much.

Australian magpies can understand what other birds are ‘saying’ with surprising clarity

Magpies? Check. Throwing orange balls at magpies? Check. Grated cheese? Check. I love this study.

Smartphones used as sensors for earthquake early warnings

There’s so much you can do with a smartphone today – much more than just browsing the web or social media. When you can combine them in a network, however, the possibilities might be endless. For instance, researchers at Caltech and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) are working on an earthquake early warning system based on the collective data fed in by thousands of smartphones. Only a couple of countries in the world give vulnerable cities an early warning – often just enough time to hit cover and save your life – but smartphones are virtually ubiquitous all over the world, even in poor countries which lack basic infrastructure like roads or flushing toilets.

Cigarettes get slapped with bigger and harsher warnings

Remember the days when cigarettes didn’t have to feature labels of all the bad things that can happen if you smoke ? Well, I don’t; but then again, maybe in a few decades people won’t remember the days when cigarettes used to have such ‘light warnings’. Practically, in just a generation or so, things have switched from ‘cigarettes may cause

Further heartbreaking information about the Japan earthquake + info on threatened areas

The earthquake that struck Japan is much worse than original estimates ! The original 7.9 magnitude actually just got upgraded to 8.9, which makes it 10 times more powerful, and the 4th most powerful earthquake in the past 100 years. Sadly, reports of injured and killed people keep coming in, and will likely not stop for a long time, especially