Why do pets like pats?

I mean… ’cause they’re awesome.

Human touch can feel molecule-thin differences, according to new study

Receptors in our ligaments, knuckles, wrist, elbow, and shoulder likely also play a part in our sense of touch.

Human-computer interface relays touch out of thin air

Using ultrasound radiation, researchers at University of Bristol (UK) have devised a computer interface that basically allows users to interact with a digital screen without touching it. Sure the Kinect or Leap Motion does this already, the catch is that this system also provides haptic (touch) feedback. So, whenever a user traces a motion in front of the system, not

Next level user-interface tech: recording and rendering human touch

Since touch screen interfaces have been introduced on mass scale the way people interact with technology has been arguably revolutionized. Still, there is much more to be explored in how the sense of touch can be manipulated to enrich user interaction with tech. Recording and relaying back information pertaining to the sense of sound (audio files) or sight (photo, video

Thought the touchscreen was innovative? Get ready for user interface complete revamp

Touchscreen technology has been in use for many years, but when the first iPhone came out some six years ago, it totally changed front end design and user interface, because it brought the technology to the people, the common folk. You didn’t have to be a scientist to own or use a touchscreen device – it’s dead simple and fun.

Woman can literally feel sound after stroke

After she suffered a stroke, a 36-year-old professor started to feel sounds. In the beginning she didn’t know what was happening when a radio announcer’s voice made her tingle, or when during a flight she became physically uncomfortable. Neuroscientist at the City College of New York and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York believe they understand

Touch and sight – more connected than previously thought

What you see may be very much related to what you’ve just felt. Even though we were taught at school that each sense is processed in another area of the brain it seems that this theory may be wrong and that there is a lot more to understand about the way human brain works. As an example, a light ripple