New app could bring cognitive therapy to your pocket

“It’s kind of like cognitive therapy in your pocket — but a little different and a lot faster,” the authors say.

New U.S. Center to research how viruses can help us overcome drug resistance

If you can’t beat them — infect them!

Performing artists with a history of childhood adversity have more intense creative experiences

Some of the best art comes out of a lot of pain.

LSD changes the way the brain reacts to music, study finds

Just imagine a music therapy session spiced up with some psychedelics.

Writing about your trauma in third person helps recovery

Writing your memoirs or simply recollecting traumatizing memories in writing has been used as tool in therapy for many years now. A new study by researchers at University of Iowa  found that switching to writing in third person eases recovery and improves health of participants. Whether it’s a car accident, the death of someone close, surgery, illness, or even financial collapse,

Novel treatment may cure people’s phobias during sleep

We sleep for roughly a third of our lifetime. All complex organisms sleep, one way or the other, and clearly this is a highly important aspect of biological functioning, otherwise nature wouldn’t had allow it. Oddly enough, we still know very little about what happens during sleep and it’s key functions. For one, it’s been proven that sleep plays a

Magic mushroom drugs show promise in treating addiction and cancer anxiety

Labeled as a hallucinogenic drug and banned for decades after highly controversial results, research on the hallucinogen psilocybin is showing early promise in a new series of small, medicinal studies. Magic mushrooms There is significant evidence which suggests that psychoactive mushrooms have been used by humans in religious ceremonies for thousands of years; murals as old as 9000-11000 years old

New Therapies for Impotent Men Possible: Experiments on Mice Show

Researchers at the world famous US-based Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have claimed to have unlocked the “biochemical chain of events” behind maintaining penile erection. They are confident that their discovery in mice with some herbs now underway may lead to new therapies for the suffering male population.   For two decades, scientists have known the biochemical factors that

Therapists still claim they “treat” homosexuality

Even though we claim to be living in the third millenium and we’ve “evolved” significantly from say, 50 years ago, there’s quite a number of people that think homosexuality is some sort of disease and should be taken care of. This lack of understanding and, most of all, tolerance leads to a whole number of related problems, including so-called therapists