Fossil Friday: new study says Texas used to be a ‘veritable Serengeti’ 11 to 12 million years ago

If you like cool photos of fossils, we’ve got just the paper for you!

Big oil asks US government to protect it from climate change

Talk about irony.

Bats are migrating earlier due to climate change, and this could spell trouble for our crops

Bats provide more than $22 billion of indirect value to farmers by controlling pests. When bats fall, so does our food.

Texas abortion leaflets contain unscientific, misleading information

The pamphlets are disturbing and nonscientific.

Ancient ‘bear dog’ species found by accident in museum collection from Chicago

They looked far less fearsome than their name suggests, though.

First living-donor uterus transplant in the US performed in Texas

Out of four procedures, one has potential for success.

Texas was attached to Antarctica, 1.1 billion years ago

Despite an evident contrast, geologists claim that the region of modern day El Paso, Texas was once attached to the now icy continent of Antarctica, in an effort to piece together the giant pieces of a puzzle that formed a pre-Pangaea supercontinent. “Most people are familiar with Pangaea,” said study co-author Staci Loewy, a geochemist at California State University, Bakersfield.

A third of Texans believe humans lived side by side with dinosaurs… and other stuff

I recently came across this poll, which was conducted about a year ago. Ok, so it’s not extremely actual, but one year can’t change the data significantly. So, almost 1 in 3 Texans believes that humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time, and over half of them don’t believe humans evolved from some other species. Just so