Selfies destroy confidence and make young women feel less attractive

Do your self-esteem a favor a dial back on social media.

Facebook bans “fake news” from advertising

Perhaps we just give social media too much credit.

Support gets you to start working out but competition powers you to the end, study finds

Some pretty impressive results for team competition.

Study finds viewing selfies on social media can make you miserable or jolly — depending on how you see yourself

Seriously, why are selfies a thing?

Screening job candidates on facebook backfires for employees

Who would have thought snooping into people’s private lives pisses them off? A new study by North Carolina State University researchers found that  job candidates who found out their social media profiles were being peered through by employers  were less likely to view the hiring process as fair. In consequence, these people are less likely to accept a position when being

Ten reasons to join social media today

There’s little reason to explain what social media is nowadays, seeing how we’re simply bombarded by social channels from all directions. After all, everyone’s on Facebook, right? Truth be told, social media isn’t entirely new -it’s been on the web since its early days actually, ever since the first forums and blogs surfaced. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the likes have

On the Comfort of Social Media

Meta Description: These days, we tend to discuss social media in the context of business or self-promotion. We’ve forgotten that it used to be about connection. Go on Google and type “social media” on the search bar. Done? Okay. Now look at the search results on the first page. Apart from the results that are geared towards defining social media,

Facebook, Users’ Copyrights, and Legal Notice Hoaxes

Five days ago, I was checking my email account and noticed that there was a notice from Facebook, titled “Updates to Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.” The policy changes cover how Facebook uses data from people who use the social network as well as the terms that oversee how people use the services provided by Facebook.

Google CEO bets big on social media

Along the years, everything that Google has touched turned to gold; everything, except for social media. But with social media being already a central piece of the internet, and with facebook growing and already threatening the search engine giant on some matters, Google will have to get that right too, and we will probably see that happen with the “+1“.

Social media require ‘Community Relations 2.0’

Imagine an average day in your life; the odds are, it’ll include either logging onto facebook, tweeting, browsing some pics on flickr and videos on youtube, or some of these combined. The blazing speed at which social media is developing is catching many off guard and forcing numerous persons and firms (even corporations) to adapt. However, when it comes to