A warm bath 1-2 hours before bedtime helps improve sleep quality, meta-analysis shows

It definitely can’t hurt your chances.

Zebrafish help scientists unravel the origins of sleep

Tiny sleepy fish sleep remarkably similar to humans.

How science can help you sleep better at home

Sleep is a weird thing, but science is trying to help us make sense of it.

Poor sleep might make you more likely to procrastinate

Getting poor sleep doesn’t replenish us properly. Consequently, we don’t have enough mental resources to stay focused on our goals.

New drug promises good sleep without the “hangover effect”

So far, the drug has worked on mice, but researchers are confident that the findings could translate on humans.

You can’t make up for lost sleep on the weekend — not if you want to stay healthy

Sorry, college freshmen.

New mothers experience up to six years of sleep deprivation

A good night’s sleep can be a distant dream when having a baby.

Scientists identify genes and brain cells involved in insomnia

Insomnia is poorly understood but a new study might finally help millions of people get a good night’s sleep.

Poor sleep makes people more sensitive to pain

More and more people around the world aren’t getting enough sleep — and that’s just painful.

Eating before going to sleep might not be all that bad, researchers find

Just don’t go overboard with the snacks.

A third of Americans sleep less than six hours a night

It’s a growing trend that confirms Americans are getting very stressed.

Get a good night’s sleep if you don’t want to be angry the next day

Personal experience tells me we should pay heed to these findings.

The brain replays memories as you sleep to make sure you don’t lose them

This is something worth remembering.
So, maybe, sleep on it a bit?

Naps help us process information we subconsciously acquire during the day

More reasons to sleep!

California voted to start school after 8:30 AM — and here’s why this is great


Losing sleep can lead to more extra pounds

If you have sleep issues or weight issues, you should read this.

Scientists link broadband internet access to sleep deprivation

High-speed internet makes electronic devices more interesting… and we seem to be losing track of our bed time.

Sleeping too little is bad for your health, but so is too much

Not getting enough shut-eye makes people vulnerable to obesity and other health risks.

More bang for your cup: new algorithm determines ideal caffeine intake for the best results

Give me coffee or heads will roll.

Just two days of night-shift alter the activity of more than 100 blood proteins

Night workers beware.