Archaeologists find oldest intact shipwreck — 2,400 years, in the Black Sea

It’s absolutely amazing.

Novel nanocomposite material might prevent shipwrecks from rotting

The technique is being trialed on the English warship Mary Rose.

Paper strips recovered from Blackbeard’s ship reveals pirates liked voyage stories — at least, stuffed in their guns

The real booty be knowledge ya landlubbers!

First all-electric cargo ship built in China will start its career drenched in irony

Cool achievement, ignoble task.

Divers solve 93-year-old mystery by discovering shipwreck at the bottom of Lake Huron

It went under in 1924, claiming the lives of 25 crewmembers.

Norway plans to launch the world’s first autonomous, fully electric ship next year

Such a shippy development!

Russian-launched Progress resupply module crashes on-route to the ISS

Nobody was hurt and no one is starving but it’s never fun when this happens.

Navy’s futuristic destroyer will sail with reflectors because it’s too stealthy

This huge destroyer is apparently too stealthy for its own good – at least at peace. The U.S. Navy’s new Zumwalt-class guided missile destroyer (DDG 1000) is so hard to detect that its crew plans to sail with giant reflectors just to make sure other ships can see it. The USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000) is the lead ship of the Zumwalt class, designed to be almost

It’s the Motherload: $17 Billion in Loot Found on Sunken Galleon off Colombian Coast

A ship missing for over 300 years has been rediscovered, according to Colombian authorities – a boat with an estimated $17 billion in loot. San José was a 60-gun, 3-masted galleon of the Spanish Navy. It was launched in 1698, and was sunk in the battle off the coast of Cartagena in 1708, during a succession war. The war was

Origins of mysterious World Trade Center ship discovered

When the huge reconstruction work began at the World Trade Center following 2001’s tragedy, constructors uncovered something no one was expecting to find there – a wooden ship, right under where the twin towers used to stand. Measuring 22 feet (6.7 meters), the skeleton of the ship went unexplained for years. Now, scientists analyzing the rings from the trees used

Oil Company will build the longest vessel ever

Well despite what you may think, the oil industry is doing better than ever. With a length of 468 meters, this giant will be exploiting the Prelude gas field, about 500 km away from Australia, relying on a Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG) plant. However, the vessel will be too far away from land to be connected to a pipeline,