Skinny seals and hungry cod point to trouble in the Baltic Sea

They’re running out of food — and climate change seems to be involved.

Penguin and seal poop create biodiversity hotspots in Antarctica

Poop comes in to save the day!

Seal hitches a ride on the back of a whale

Sometimes, you just hitch a ride on a whale.

Oxytocin seals bond between mother and child

Seals from colonies on the North Atlantic island of North Rona that had higher levels of the hormone oxytocin in their blood stay closer to pups. This suggests that the hormone, often called the love hormone because of its role in love and in female reproductive biological functions, is paramount to forming mother-child bond.

Seals and bacteria are leaching mercury even in unpolluted waters

Researchers detected unusually high levels of toxic metals, including the dangerous neurotoxin methylmercury, in a pristine coastal area and lake. This was surprising given there were no nearby industrial sites or other runoff pollution sites. They found that the toxic substances were leached by two unexpected sources: moulting elephant seals and bacteria.

It’s official – The Monk Seal is extinct

The Caribbean Monk seal (or West Indian seal) has been announced extinct on Friday. This comes as a shock (at least for me – and many others), as this is the first seal species announced extinct due to human activities; now, it will only be seen in drawings.After five years of futile efforts in which not even a single sighting