New species of sea slug steals algae chlorophyll to live a solar-powered lifestyle

Lifestyle so green it shows through its skin.

‘Self-aware’, predatory, digital slug mimics the behavior of the animal it was modeled on

Printing brains on PC circuits seems to be all the rage nowadays.

A lazy seaslug hunts by ‘kleptopredation’, letting prey do half the work for it

This colorful sea slug likes second-hand groceries.

Sea Slug boasts disposable penis

Well we all use disposable tissues, dishes, I’ve heard of disposable tails of even limbs, but a disposable penis? Talk about taking things to the next level… But that’s exactly what this sea slug has. After mating, it simply discards its penis, grows a new one, and can even have sex again the same day. Chromodoris reticulata, is a type

The July Awesome Animal Award goes to: The Sea Swallow

A while ago, we started this animal award, giving the first one to the mimic octopus, and the second one to the amazing Siberian salamander, which can survive after being frozen in temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius. Each month, we’ll highlight an animal so special and unique it just makes you go ‘Wow!’. This month it’s the living