Scotland produces enough wind energy to power itself twice

This year, Scotland generated enough wind energy to power nearly twice as many homes as there currently are in the country.

The Antonine Wall was adorned with brightly-colored, grisly propaganda to keep Scottish tribes at bay

The best fight is one you can paint your way out of.

Scotland’s wind turbines are getting better and better

Bravo, Scotland!

Scotland bans hydraulic fracking — indefinitely

Some argue a firmer ban is in order.

Scotland to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2032, eight years earlier than the rest of the UK

A great move for the Scotts.

Tiny Scottish island powers itself 100% with community-owned off-the-grid renewable energy system

Lessons to be learned.

Scotland joins the “fully renewable” energy club

Scotland joins a select group of nations.

Impressive 170-million-year old “sea monster” fossil found in Scotland

It took two generations to bring this fossil to light.

Over 50% of Scotland’s electricity in 2015 came from renewables

Scotland has met and overcome its objective for green energy in 2015

Scotland to build giant, floating wind farm

The Scottish government announced that it approved the construction of UK’s first, and the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm.

Meager 5p bag tax slashes usage by 80%

When the Scottish government introduced a 5 pence tax for plastic bags, they were expecting a significant reduction, but even they weren’t expecting such a big success.

Jurassic Predator found in Scotland – It Munched on Sharks and Dinosaurs

A giant reptile which looked somewhat like a dolphin but had the behavior of a dinosaur was discovered around what is now the Isle of Skye, in Scotland. The predator, an Ichtyosaur lived 170 million years ago and its diet probably consisted of fish and invertebrates, but it may have also eaten sharks and even dinosaurs.

Scotland Produced Enough Wind Energy To Power Every Home In October

It may be gloomy, windy and rainy, but the Scottish weather may have its upsides too. in October, Scotland generated enough power from wind to power up every single home in Scotland and a bit more. “Wind turbines alone generated an estimated 982,842MWh of electricity, enough to power 3,045,000 homes in the UK – equivalent to 126% of the electricity

Amateur archaeologist finds 1000-year old Viking treasure hoard with a Metal Detector

A magnificent Viking treasure has been unearthed in Scotland, in Dumfries and Galloway. More than 100 objects, including solid gold jewelry, arm bands and silver ingots, were discovered not by archaeologists, but by an amateur researcher working with a metal detector. The artifacts are thought to have been buried between the 9th and 10th century and they also include a rare early Christian

World’s 40th environment day: Denmark and Scotland pave the way

Yesterday marked the 40th Global Environment day, and this year’s theme was ‘Green economy’ – a sector in which, by far, Europe leads the way. When it comes to green energy and reducing the impact industry has on the environment, Denmark and Scotland stand out, by far – just think about Samso, the world’s ‘greenest guinea pig’. Germany is also