New method of CO2 capture is cheaper, more effective, and “a key step toward closing the carbon loop”

This process might finally allow for commercially-viable CO2 recycling.

In the stone-age people recycled flint on purpose to produce precision blades

Second-hand flint, ironically, was more of a precision implement that fresh flint.

Europe’s microwave ovens release as much CO2 as 6.8 million cars

That’s a lot of CO2.

We may face a huge shortage of essential raw materials stiffling green energy if governments don’t step up their game

Mining is dirty work. But more to the point, it’s very slow to set-up.

Additive recycles incompatible mixed plastics into uber-polymer

It overcomes a major hurdle in plastic recycling.

You shouldn’t forget about recycling bathroom items

When home recycling is concerned, the kitchen reigns supreme. Here is where most of the waste gets disposed and where all the recycling bins can be found, but there’s another important center filled with recyclable items in your home: the bathroom. Research shows that even among families that are consistent recyclers, only 20% of Americans recycle bathroom items. It’s not

New, fully recyclable and biodegradable plastic could change the world

Colorado State University chemists have done the impossible: they’ve synthesized a fully recyclable, biodegradable polymer. Their work will not only keep countless tons of plastic from piling up in the landfills in the future, but also break petroleum’s grip on the polymer industry.

Meager 5p bag tax slashes usage by 80%

When the Scottish government introduced a 5 pence tax for plastic bags, they were expecting a significant reduction, but even they weren’t expecting such a big success.

Apotex Is Backing Ontario’s Waste Reduction Strategy – Here’s Why

We all know that developing and implementing recycling policies is something that takes continual effort. Recycling on a municipal level began in earnest in the 1980s, when communities realized that endlessly sending waste to landfills was not going to be a sustainable option over the long-term.

Mexican Researchers Turn Old Plastic Bottles Into Waterproof Paper

A team of Mexican researchers found a way to save 20 trees and 56,000 liters of water for every ton of paper produced – just make them from old plastic bottles. Plastic is one of the main pollutants in the world – the ocean is basically a cemetery for used plastic, with at least 5 trillion pieces floating around in

Sweden recycles 99 percent of its garbage. Here’s how they do it

Recycling is still a field where we have much work to do; while you hear talks about it everywhere, it’s still not done at a satisfying scale in most parts of the world. But Sweden is not part of that group. Virtually all of Swedish garbage is recycled; as a matter of fact, they are so good at making garbage

People in Beijing can pay for public transportation in recycling

People from Beijing can now use one of the city’s 34 newly installed facilities which allows them to pay for public transportation or charge their phone credit with empty plastic bottles. China is the world’s biggest polluter, and will likely stay so for years and years to come. The growth of their economy has been fueled by coal consumption, which

Of scarceness and wastefulness: the history of recycling

For some, it might seem like recycling popped out of the blue in the 1970’s, once with introduction of the  Earth Day concept or the creation of the  Environmental Protection Agency. That’s only when awareness finally grew and it became a popular subject, though. Recycling under one form of the other can be traced back to ancient times, and fairly enough it was

Don’t blame Tesco for mass food wastage, get creative and make your weekly shop go further

Tesco recently hit the news once again in a whirlwind of controversy as it was revealed that the UK supermarket giant wasted 28,000 tonnes of food in the first half of 2013. As most of us would guess, the common wastage culprits were the typical items we’re all guilty of forgetting about, failing to use or allowing to go pass

Giant mound of dumped tires is visible from space

Authorities have come across a giant mound of 250,000 scrap tires in rural South Carolina, so spread out that it occupies 50 hectares and is visible from space. A transportation and recycling operation of the mound has began since then. The rural clearing in which the tires were dumped is practically impossible to notice, since its only accessible by  a circuitous dirt path

German town recycles 70% of garbage

Take a look at your town; take a look at the people around you, at the streets, and the garbage cans. How much of the garbage do you think is recycled ? After that, think about how much trash gets labeled as “non-recyclable” by the recycling facility and will end up in a dump somwhere. After you do this, think