Breakthrough in the search for dark matter from the first ever stars

It’s an exciting time to be a scientist.

Norway to become the first country to switch away from FM radio

Old-school radio is getting a revamp.

We’ve (unknowingly) created a radiation shield around the Earth using radios

Can your Internet landline do this? No.

New method piggybacks data on radio waves to make singing posters and smart cities

Its gonna be a lot of chatter though.

This app lets you virtually travel the globe and listen to (almost) any radio station

It’s like Google Earth for radio stations.

The GLEAM team shows us how space would look if we could see radio waves

Hint: it would be spectacular.

China finished work on FAST, the world’s largest radio telescope

Built to boldly probe where no man has probed before.

In 2017, Norway will become the first country to shut down FM radio

The Norwegian Ministry of Culture has finalized a transition date from Frequency Modulation (FM) radio to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio. They will thus become the first country in the world to switch completely from FM radio.

Ant-sized radio that powers itself might change consumer electronics forever

Researchers at the University of Stanford and the University of California, Berkeley just presented a tiny radio, so small it’s the size of an ant, that could very well change the way we interact with technology in the future. What makes the device truly incredible is its ability to power itself without using an external power supply, like a plug or

World’s smallest radio shows graphene advantage

A team from Columbia Engineering researchers, led by Mechanical Engineering Professor James Hone and Electrical Engineering Professor Kenneth Shepard has managed to take advantage of graphene’s unique properties (it’s strength and electric conduction) to create a nano-mechanical system that can create FM signals – in other words, the world’s smallest radio. “This work is significant in that it demonstrates an