Fossil Friday: massive, ancient African carnivore found in a drawer in Kenya

It pays to stick your nose in museum drawers!

Microplastics could break down whole ecosystems — they’re making prey unresponsive to predators

This could be a very bad development.

Australian skinks will literally stick their tongues out at predators — and it works!


New paper explains why predatory dinosaurs walked on two feet while mammals stayed on all fours

It’s all about the tail.

Hundreds of snow leopards are being killed every year, and that’s unacceptable

One of the most beautiful big cats is dying out — because of us.

Humans are the world’s super predator – by far

Though humans might not be as fierce as a lion or white shark, we’re definitely the greatest predatory species in the world, ever. The extent of humanity’s super-predation was assessed by a team at University of Victoria in British Columbia which compared our hunting abilities to those of both land and marine predators in all the oceans and continents, besides Antarctica. The findings reveal humans lack any real competition preying on adults of other species at rates up to 14 times higher than other predators, especially marine ones.

Colossal New Predatory Species Terrorized Early Tyrannosaurs

When herbivorous dinosaurs went to sleep, they had bad dreams about Tyrannosaurs. But what where Tyrannosaurs afraid of? If you’re thinking “Nothing”, then you’re really wrong. A new species of carnivorous dinosaur (one of the three largest ever discovered in North America) competed with them 98 million years ago – the newly discovered species, Siats meekerorum; as a matter of

It’s settled – Tyrannosaurus Rex hunted for live prey

The king of all predators, the godfather of his time, la creme de la creme – Tyrannosaurus Rex (T. Rex) was the ultimate predator… or was he? When Jurassic Park came out, even though the cinema crowd went wild as T. Rex smashed and ate velociraptors (and the occasional human), at the time, there was no compelling proof that the