Fishermen want to address the problem of marine litter — and should be involved in cleaning programs

Some encouraging news in a sea of trouble.

The ocean has much more plastic than we thought

There’s more plastic in the deep than there is on the surface.

The governments of 187 countries agreed to limit international plastic movement — but the US is not among them

It’s good news, with a bad twist.

This infinitely-recyclable plastic might help us finally clean up landfills and oceans

Circular plastics may finally be upon us.

Plastic crystals identified as a solid, safe alternative to our refrigerants

A cool, solid research paper.

It’s official: there’s more plastic in the oceans than ever before

Researchers are calling for change on all levels of society.

Microplatics can also travel by wind, new study shows

Even pristine mountainous landscapes are now polluted with microplastics.

New research produces a viable, biodegradable alternative to plastic

This might help us clamp down on plastic pollution.

It’s official: single-use plastics have been banned in the EU

Today’s vote is “essential in order to protect the marine environment and reduce the costs of environmental damage attributed to plastic pollution in Europe.”

Balloons are the most dangerous plastic pollution for seabirds

Balloons might be fun at parties but they become deadly serious once they reach the ocean.

New upcycling process for PET could finally nudge us into cleaning the seas

I do like cleaner seas.

Plastic is “everywhere” in the ocean, including its deepest trenches — “There’s no good aspect to this,” researchers say

Thrash we’ve thrown away years ago is killing ocean life as you’re reading this.

The statistic of the year: 90.5% of plastic has never been recycled

Some stats are better than others.

Sperm whale in Indonesia succumbed with 6 kilos of plastic in its belly

A gruelling reminder to curb our plastic pollution.

Here Is Why You Should Use Disposable Containers Instead of Plastic Ones

Storing food properly is very important because our own health is at stake here.

LEGO launches functioning wind turbine model to promote sustainability

Who doesn’t love Legos?

Just a few pieces of plastic are enough to kill sea turtles

And the situation is getting worse.

Contact lenses break down into microplastics — so don’t flush them down!

Just throw them in the trash if you don’t want them on your plate later on.

How a design and culture revolution could help us tackle our plastic problem

It’s not a simple problem and it doesn’t have a simple answer — but here’s what we can do.

Ikea will ditch single-use plastics by 2020

The global retailer with 363 stores wants its customers to live more sustainably.