You do have a type when it comes to dating, study finds

Oh, this explains a lot.

Different personalities help species face and adapt to threats, environmental changes

Divided we stand!

Killer whales display personality traits such as playfulness, cheerfulness and affection — just like humans or chimps

They are really smart creatures.

We make snap judgements about someone’s personality based on their body shape

Lighter bodies were seen as more self-confident while heavier bodies were associated with negative personality traits such as laziness.

Scientists describe the person who’s most likely to rise up against antisocial behavior: extrovert, confident, and altruistic

We all want to be the hero in our lives, but we don’t really like standing up for what’s right.

Wild chimpanzees have remarkably stable personality traits

Researchers revisited some chimps in Tanzania after more than 40 years and found their personality stayed remarkably consistent.

Fish can have individual personalities too, new study says

Some Trinidadian guppies are far braver than others.

Facebook: where relationship builders, town criers, window shoppers, and selfies come to chat

Which one are you?

Alcohol doesn’t change our personality as much as we blame it

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep blaming it.

Your past teenage self might as well be a whole different person by the time you’re 77 years old, study says

With each passing day we diverge slightly from the person we were just a moment ago.

Personality traits are “contagious among children” — especially good ones

When preschoolers hang out with each other, they tend to borrow each other’s personalities, a new study has found.

Spider personalities are influenced by temperature

The findings could have implications for the survival of modern animals in the face of global warming.

Grammar police on social media are ‘less agreeable people’ in real life too, study finds

Those who take too much offence of improper grammar and typos in an informal situations were found have “less agreeable” personalities.

Cockroaches have different personalities and characters, study finds

The cockroach – one of the nature’s great survivors, hated by building residents throughout the entire world, just got more interesting. According to a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, cockroaches have individual and even group personalities; in other words, cockroaches do have a character.

People follow the norm… even the norm is a computer, and wrong

People tend to follow the norm – that’s pretty well documented, and well understood. However, a new study has found that not only do people tend to follow other people, but they also follow the lead of a computer – even when it is blatantly wrong. In modern society, real life interactions and discussions are becoming rarer, substituted by computer

Computer knows you better than your friends – just by looking at your Facebook Likes

Researchers have found that just by analyzing your Facebook Likes, a computer can judge your personality better than even your close friends. They went even further than that, and calculated how many Likes the algorithm has to analyze to figure your personality traits.

What desktop clutter says about your personality

A new and extensive study by shows that persons who keep their desktops cluttered are more likely to be liberal, have a higher education, are career orientated and good math, while a person who keeps his desktop tidy and clutter free is more likely to be young suburbanites, somewhat techy and allegedly put their personal life ahead of work.