World’s 2nd largest penguin colony collapses, losing 88% of members in just 35 years

Researchers are concerned, saying that the cause for the seabirds’ decline is ‘mysterious’.

Large, previously unknown penguin colony discovered through satellite

How were they able to hide for so long?

Thousand-year-old penguin poop points to devastating colony collapse at the hand of volcanic eruptions

Gentoo penguins are prolific poopers, much to the delight of some scientists.

The Red Light Forest – Prostitution in the Animal World

For pebbles, meat, or nectar, these animals found that nothing sells quite as well as sex.

Antarctica could lose 60 percent of its penguins to climate change by the end of the century

Antartica’s penguins are in trouble.

Oldest Man in Australia is Saving Penguins by Knitting Them Sweaters

Alfred “Alfie” Date is Australia’s oldest living person, at 109; he’s also a self-taught expert knitter who is doing his best to help penguins in Australia and New Zealand survive oil spills – by knitting them sweaters. He told 9stories he answered the call of Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation which asked for knitters from around the world to make tiny woolen sweaters for Little Penguins

New bird flu infects Antarctic penguins

It’s so cold even penguins get the flu in the Antarctic. Seriously, researchers report in a paper published in the journal mBio how they identified a new strain of influenza that infects Adelie penguins which breed in huge colonies on the rocky Antarctic Peninsula. The virus itself seems to be dormant as the penguins don’t exhibit any visible flu symptoms, yet the findings do