Painted rock points to higher cognitive function in humans 73,000 years ago

Artwork from waaaay before Photoshop.

Wilting away: Van Gogh’s legendary sunflowers are turning brown

After 150 years of blossoming, the flowers are slowly turning brown.

New AI tells masterpieces from forgeries by only looking at brush strokes

How long until someone will train an AI to trick this AI?

Gecko feet may help keep art clean

Geckos may be giving art conservationists an unexpected hand – a new way of keeping art clean. This doesn’t mean we’ll be letting hordes of geckos run rampant through the Louvre because that’s not how science works (though it could create a lovely Disney scene). Instead, researchers took inspiration from geckos, designing a material that can collect the smallest motes of

The new Rembrandt: Computer creates new “Rembrandt painting”

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn is one of the most talented and famous artists in human history. It’s been almost four centuries since he created his unique masterpieces. Now, a team of artists, researchers and programmers wanted to see if they can create a new Rembrandt painting – through a computer algorithm.

Why Van Gogh’s paintings are fading to white

Belgian scientists have revealed a refined explanation for the chemical process that’s currently degrading Vincent van Gogh’s famous paintings, which are losing their bright red. Like other old paintings, van Gogh’s works are losing their saturated hue because of the interaction between red led and light. Using sophisticated X-ray crystallographic methods, the researchers identified a key carbon mineral called plumbonacrite in one of his paintings, which explains the process even better.