How orcas hunt — and some surprising findings

The males hunt more than the females, researchers found.

Killer whales display personality traits such as playfulness, cheerfulness and affection — just like humans or chimps

They are really smart creatures.

Half of world’s killer whales could disappear in next 30 years due to toxic pollutant

PCBs have been banned almost two decades ago but their effects are still widely felt by the iconic orcas.

Grieving orca carries dead calf for seven days in heartbreaking ritual

It’s one of the most memorable and heartbreaking processions you can imagine.

Orcas are able to imitate human speech. Here’s how it sounds like

These clever marine mammals never cease to amaze us!

Cooperative prey hunting and sharing observed in Norwegian seal-eating killer whales

In Norway, a research project regularly uses drones to investigate dietary habits and predation behaviours of killer whale groups.

Culture drives distinct genetic evolution in killer whales — the first non-human animal to do so

Researchers at University of Bern, Switzerland, found Orcinus orca (killer whales) populations have evolved distinct genetic lineages due to unique hunting strategies.

Killer whales are so smart they can learn to speak “dolphin”

Killer whales are smart, we already know that; they’re also really scary. But a new study has shown that they are actually scary smart – up to the point where they can learn the language of another species. Killer Smart Killer whales are actually a species of dolphins found in all oceans, from the frigid Arctic and Antarctic regions to tropical seas.

Documents reveal that SeaWorld gives its orcas antidepressants and psychoactive drugs

As if SeaWorld didn’t have enough press with the shocking Blackfish documentary, a document released by Buzzfeed reveals that the marine park gives its whales psychoactive drugs and anti-depressants. According to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice affidavit, SeaWorld’s whale trainers give the animals benzodiazepine, which has a valium-like effect on the mammals. The document originated from a legal dispute