Researcher devise ‘metallic wood’ that’s stronger than titanium but could float on water

“The reason we call it metallic wood is not just its density, which is about that of wood, but its cellular nature,” says lead author James Pikul.

Prolonged exposure to Los Angeles Bay air induces dangerous mutations in the brains of rats

Inflammation and cancer-related gene expression was overcharged by exposure to particulate matter in city air.

Solar fuels just years away, propelled by breakthrough in catalyst research

Research doesn’t have to be glamorous or flashy to be significant.

New species of metal-eating plant discovered in the Philippines

Scientists from the Philippines have discovered a new plant with an unusual lifestyle – it eats nickel for a living. The new species is called Rinorea niccolifera, and it’s a part of the same genus as violets and pansies – but it has few things in common with those plants. Rinorea niccolifera‘s preferred food is nickel, accumulating up to 18,000 ppm of the metal

Ancient Egyptians had alien jewelry

This ancient Egyptian trinket may not look like much, but it hides a very interesting story. Researchers have found that the 5,000-year-old iron bead is actually made from a meteorite.   Archaeologists have found iron objects in ancient Egypt, dating them to 2-3 millennia BC. But the earliest evidence of smelting only appeared much later after that, so how could