Why music makes you feel less tired while exercising

Music activates a specific brain region that suppresses the sense of fatigue.

Ancient Greek music: now we finally know what it sounded like

Exciting new research finally unravels how the ancient Greeks played music.

Heavy Metal? Well, that’s just like renaissance music


Hip hop music teaches children to recognize stroke and act quickly, study finds

Music can save lives, too.

LSD changes the way the brain reacts to music, study finds

Just imagine a music therapy session spiced up with some psychedelics.

Jymmin combines working out with music, makes people feel less pain

Scientists paired music composition software with sensors attached to the fitness machines.

Surprising harmonic structure might be the secret to writing a pop hit, new study finds

People love surprises and music is no exception.

Robots could soon write emotional or motivating songs

Inserting feelings into Artificial Intelligence music — the future is kinda happening already.

Study looks at what makes some song stick in your head, while others don’t

Don’t read this if you’re not in the mood to sing to yourself. Seriously.

Some birds play tunes not all that different from jazz musicians

Humans were by no means the first to evolve musicality.

This is the first pop song written by an A.I. and it sounds a lot like The Beatles

You can dance to it. Who said robots were boring?

These are the most metal words in the English language, data scientist says

Rock on, brothers.

Musical horns reveal 2,000 year old cultural ties between Europe and India

An archeologist studying Irish iron-age musical horns has found a very surprising correspondent of the ancient musical arts in Europe: these artistic practices, long considered to be dead, are still alive and well in south India.

Theremin: the electronic instrument you play without touching anything

The theremin is a unique musical instrument which involves two antennas and which you can play with your bare hands, without touching anything. We’ll talk about its history, the working principle and how you can play/build your own.

Eerie musical instruments played by the wind from around the world

A wind or Aeolian harp is exactly what the name implies: the only musical instrument played by the wind.

This is the oldest song in history: a 3,400-year-old hymn

Music etched in clay tablets more than 3,400 years ago in Syria was recorded. This is the oldest song thus far, researchers say.

One of Mozart’s lost compositions discovered after 230 years

A  four-minute cantata was found among the the mountains of archives in the Czech Museum of Music in November 2015. The score was likely written in 1785 by the maestro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, along with Antonio Salieri, popularly considered a rival, and an unknown composer called Cornetti. The find was made after Timo Jouko Herrmann, a German composer, was browsing the museum’s online library and

Life without music – study looks at brain with amusia

For most people listening to music or playing an instrument is a great way to relax, unwind, have fun, and express themselves. But not everybody is able to perceive, appreciate or memorize music, to sing or to dance. Monica is one such person, and to her, any kind of music is just a bunch of noise that makes her head ache and feel stressed.

This 3D-printed Stradivarius inspired violin sounds gorgeous

A French company called 3Dvarius partnered with musician Laurent Bernadac to see just how far they could stretch 3D printing capabilities. Why not, they thought, stretch the strings of a fully playable 3D-printed violin? Combing the leading craftsmanship of the past two centuries with the cutting edge tech of today, the engineers designed an electric violin based on the legendary Stradivarius.

The sounds of Earth – listen to the Golden Records we sent in space on the 1977 Voyager mission

The Golden Records were the recordings NASA sent into space to represent our planet’s life and culture, ranging from the sound of rain to samples of Beethoven and Mozart, Chucky Berry and Blind Willie Johnson.