How people use music as a sleeping aid

Music is free and doesn’t have negative side effects, unlike sleeping aid drugs.

Music can be used to estimate political ideology to an “accuracy of 70%”, researchers say


Music therapy makes children with autism more socially aware

Individuals with autism hear much more than regular people — and music seems to help them communicate better.

Why music makes you feel less tired while exercising

Music activates a specific brain region that suppresses the sense of fatigue.

Ancient Greek music: now we finally know what it sounded like

Exciting new research finally unravels how the ancient Greeks played music.

Heavy Metal? Well, that’s just like renaissance music


Hip hop music teaches children to recognize stroke and act quickly, study finds

Music can save lives, too.

LSD changes the way the brain reacts to music, study finds

Just imagine a music therapy session spiced up with some psychedelics.

Jymmin combines working out with music, makes people feel less pain

Scientists paired music composition software with sensors attached to the fitness machines.

Surprising harmonic structure might be the secret to writing a pop hit, new study finds

People love surprises and music is no exception.

Artificial intelligence can write classical music like a human composer. It’s the first non-human artist whose music is now copyrighted

The 21st century biggest musical prodigy might turn out to be a machine.

Robots could soon write emotional or motivating songs

Inserting feelings into Artificial Intelligence music — the future is kinda happening already.

Study looks at what makes some song stick in your head, while others don’t

Don’t read this if you’re not in the mood to sing to yourself. Seriously.

Some birds play tunes not all that different from jazz musicians

Humans were by no means the first to evolve musicality.

This is the first pop song written by an A.I. and it sounds a lot like The Beatles

You can dance to it. Who said robots were boring?

These are the most metal words in the English language, data scientist says

Rock on, brothers.

Musical horns reveal 2,000 year old cultural ties between Europe and India

An archeologist studying Irish iron-age musical horns has found a very surprising correspondent of the ancient musical arts in Europe: these artistic practices, long considered to be dead, are still alive and well in south India.

Theremin: the electronic instrument you play without touching anything

The theremin is a unique musical instrument which involves two antennas and which you can play with your bare hands, without touching anything. We’ll talk about its history, the working principle and how you can play/build your own.

Eerie musical instruments played by the wind from around the world

A wind or Aeolian harp is exactly what the name implies: the only musical instrument played by the wind.

This is the oldest song in history: a 3,400-year-old hymn

Music etched in clay tablets more than 3,400 years ago in Syria was recorded. This is the oldest song thus far, researchers say.