Scientists map global “Internet of Mushrooms”

“I haven’t seen anybody do anything like that before,” researchers commented.

Mushrooms might help keep your brain healthy

Delicious and nutritious — mushrooms are good for your brain, new study suggests.

Scientists create bionic mushroom that generates electricity out of microbes

What do you get when you 3-D print cyanobacteria onto button mushrooms?

Meet the Chicken of the Woods – the mushroom that tastes like chicken

A delicacy and tasty, high-protein vegetarian alternative to chicken. Be wary of what you eat from the woods, though.

Paleontologists find the oldest mushroom fossil

It’s the first mineralized mushroom fossil we’ve ever found.

Incredible fungi timelapse from BBC’s Planet Earth II

Stop what you’re doing and watch this incredible footage. Your life will not be the same again.

NASA just developed a way of detecting underground fungi – from space

A team of NASA researchers has developed the first ever method for identifying and studying underground forest fungi from outer space, providing information that will help us better understand how forests will develop. Mycorrhizal fungi (underground fungus) are more similar to a city network than to individual organisms. They are complex intertwined networks that can spread for miles and miles

Even More Spectacular Fungi Photos by Steve Axford

In September 2014, we were telling you about Steve Axford’s spectacular mushroom photography. I was truly fascinated by the art and the insight he provides into this tiny and mysterious world. Most of his work is done on Australian fungus, and he says he likes to take pictures of things that are close to home. “My photography has been my avenue

Why some tropical mushrooms glow in the dark

The tropical forests of Northeaster Brazil have their own nightlight: a peculiar mushroom called Neonothopanus gardneri that glows in the dark. Like a street light, it’s tuned to activate its bioluminescence only in the dark, first in the twilight then peaking at about 10 PM. Researchers at Dartmouth College in the US and the University of São Paulo in Brazil have now fond out what this strange behavior is all about: ‘candy’ for insects.

Scientists find antibiotic-like substance in mushroom that grows on horse dung

You just have to applaud the researcher that study mushrooms growing on horse dung to see what medicinal properties they have. Microbiologists molecular biologists at ETH Zurich and the University of Bonn have discovered a new agent in fungi that kills bacteria. The substance they found in the mushroom is called copsin. Copsin has a similar effect to antibiotics, but belongs

Fantastic Fungi: Mind Blowing Mushroom Diversity Photographed by Steve Axford

These truly wonderful photographs were taken by Steve Axford. Let’s leave Steve describe himself: I live in the Northern Rivers area of NSW and I am doing essentially what I like. What I like is photography and exploring the world. The world, for me, is dominated by living things and the planet we live on . My photography is an avenue

Deep Sea ‘mushroom’ is a new branch of life, defying classification in the tree of life

A team of scietists from the University of Copenhagen have found a mushroom shaped animal which they believe doesn’t fit in any known subdivision of the animal kingdom. Such a situation has happened only a few times in the past 100 years. Researchers aren’t exactly sure where to fit it, but they have a pretty good idea. It’s a multicellular

Fungus that devours plastic might help clean the environment

A group of students from Yale University, along with molecular biochemistry professor Scott Strobel, were on a routine trip to the Amazon’s Yasuni National Park, one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, when they stumbled across a peculiar type of mushroom capable of eating polyurethane plastics. If successfully applied to landfills clogged with millions of metric tons of garbage plastics, this could

How Poisonous Mushrooms Cook Up Toxins

Heather Hallen is a Michigan State University plant biology research associate who has been looking for the poison in the wrong place for years. Alpha-amanitin is the poison of the death cap mushroom, Amanita phalloides. She was searching for a big gene that makes a big enzyme that produces alpha-amanitin. But she found out that this was not the case.