Deaf moths use acoustic camouflage to escape bats

It’s an evolutionary arms race.

Rare, delicate fossils show butterflies emerged before flowers did

If there’s one thing this study shows, it’s that butterflies are survivors.

Moth eyes lead to glare-less phone screens

It’s another fantastic discovery inspired by nature.

Darwin was right: females like males who are good listeners

Females (especially younger ones) like good listeners. Write that down, guys.

Newly discovered moth species features Trump hairdo

A tiny moth species has been named Neopalpa donaldtrumpi, becoming the first species to bear the name of the US president elect.

Hawk moths jam the bat sonar signals by rubbing their genitals

It’s a dog eat dog out there, and any advantage you can get is more than welcome – as strange as it may be. According to a research published in Biology Letters on 3 July, Hawk moths create an ultrasonic noise that could be used to scare off an attacking bat and to jam the bat’s sonar. Radar jamming is

Fossilized moths reveal interesting methods of camouflage

Fossilized moth wings, that are blue after death were yellow-green during lifetime, suggesting a colorful and creative method of camouflage. Camouflage and warning The moths lived in a difficult period, some 47 million years ago, in a period where life was still trying to fill the gaps left behind by the major dinosaur extinction; they used their colors to blend

Can a butterfly (or moth) remember life as a catterpillar?

As you know (or at least should know), butterflies and moths are known for their metamorphosis from catterpillars to their adult form. This radical change involves not just a change of look, but it also includes changes in lifestyle, diet, sensorial impulses and many many other differences. So it would seem very probable that the buttefly has no memory whatsoever