Mysterious 16th-century Mexican Megadeath pathogen discovered

Scientists believe Salmonella enterica is to blame.

Stone shrine discovered inside Mexican volcano depicts mythical Aztec universe

It seems to depict the creation of the heavens and earth.

Trump’s border wall could threaten 111 endangered species

The impact is huge. Even the bald eagle is affected.

Dengue vaccine approved for use in Mexico, Brazil and Philippines

Scientific American recently reported that the three countries most affected by dengue fever have approved the use of the first vaccine against this affliction. Officials from Mexico, Philippines and Brazil hope that this will curb the nearly 400 million new infections each year, 22,000 of which result in death.

Mexico’s soda tax is working, sales drop by 14%

A new study looking into how Mexico’s soda tax is impacting consumer habits one year after implementation. The results show a decrease in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption accompanied by an increase in sales of untaxed drinks throughout the country.

GeoPicture of the Week: Xico Crater in Mexico

It’s a new year alright, and what better way to start it than with a GeoPicture? This is the Xico volcanic crater in Mexico. Located in the southern parts of of Mexico City in the municipality of Xico within the Chichinautzin volcanic field. The Chichinautzin volcanic is located in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, relatively close to the area where the Cocos tectonic plate

5,000 amazing cave paintings discovered in Mexico [PHOTOS]

Archaeologists in Mexico have discovered a marvelous collection of pre-Hispanic paintings in 11 sites different sites in the caves and mountain gaps of the municipality of Burgos in the state of Tamaulipas, which borders the United States. In all, the researchers have numbered so far 4,926 paintings, however it’s been very difficult for them to date them. It’s believed these

Ash and smoke spewed by Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico warns of imminent eruption [PHOTOS]

  Mexico’s second highest peak, the  Popocatepetl Volcano, which means “Smoking Mountain” in the indigenous Nahuatl language, first began rumbling on April 13, when the first signs of ash and steam were sighted spewing from its crater.   Right in the surrounding of Mexico City, columns of ash have been shooting from more than 60 openings in the crust of the

Mexico promises green climate law

Mexico, one of the biggest countries in the world, has followed suit with neighboring California and wants to adopt the green climate law, which already passed the chamber of deputies by an overwhelming 128-10 vote, and is heading towards the Senate with excellent chances. Having a country like Mexico, with some 120 million people, of which 10 million people live

New Butterfly Species Identified in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

The Nature is a treasure house of wonders. As we go on unlocking its secrets, more remains to be discovered. So is the hunt for finding new butterfly species. Mexican Scientists, led by Carmen Pozo of El Colegio de la Frontera Sur in Mexico, have claimed to have identified the new species while making a study on the Nymphalidae family