Saturn’s rings are raining down — in about 100 million years, they’ll be gone

If you like it then you should have kept the rings on it.

Unique swirl patterns point to the Moon’s magnetic past

Nice swirls!

The Ever-changing and Skepticized Van Allen Belts

Each of the two belts surrounds the Earth in a sort of doughnut-shaped formation.

Czech researchers turn graphene sheets into the first stable non-metallic magnets

Is there anything graphene can’t do?

Superluminous supernovas explode twice, create some of the most powerful magnets in the universe

When a star is ready to drop the curtain, it goes out with a bang — a supernova explosion. But some double the bang.

Science turns psychedelic: an amazing TED talk

A while ago, ZME Science featured the brilliant work of  Fabian Oefner, a Swiss artist and photographer, who mixes various artsy techniques (paints, photography, glasswork etc) with science. Thus, he came up with some truly fantastic pieces of art from mixing paint with magnetic liquid, to using colored crystals that pattern under sound waves (pictured in the GIFs), to setting whiskey on fire.

Wonder material graphene can be made magnetic – and turned on and off

Is there something that graphene can’t do? It’s the world’s strongest material, even when it has flaws, a graphene aerogel is also the lightest material known, it’s great for sensors, for headphones, it repairs itself, and boasts a swarm of other features and capabilities. Now, researchers from Manchester University have shown that they can create elementary magnetic moments in graphene

Crucial magnetic superconductor breakthrough opens new grounds in electronics

Researchers have reached what can only be described as a crucial milestone that opens the way for a new class of materials with amazing electronic properties. Superconductivity is a relatively recently discovered feat, in which conducting materials oppose exactly zero resistance when electric current passes through them, below a certain temperature. Like ferromagnetism and atomic spectral lines, superconductivity is a