New, revolutionary metalens focuses entire visible spectrum into a single point

If you want to create a functioning metalens, you need to design a maze for light.

Lensless camera designed to be paper-thin and do anything a traditional camera does

Except being bulky.

Ultra-thin flat lens leads to smaller, better, cheaper optical devices: from telescopes to VR goggles

Flat lenses could revolutionize optics, researchers say.

How the eye works: what you can’t see

How eyesight works and other functions.

Researchers create contact lenses with telescopic abilities

It’s the world of science fiction come alive – Swiss researchers have developed contact lenses which, when paired with special spectacles, bestow telescopic vision on their wearers. Cool, and very useful The contact-lens-and-spectacles have the ability of zooming in 2.8 times. The device was not created for Bond-like purposes, but rather to help people suffering age-related visual impairment and blindness.