With a few cheap changes, your smartphone can now detect lead contamination in water

Smartphones can be turned into a water quality sensor, too.

Flint’s water is deemed safe, Michigan Governor determined to end free bottled water service

Science says the water is safe to drink. The locals aren’t convinced.

Lead exposure might be responsible for 10 times more premature deaths than previously thought

Scientists have discovered that nearly 412,000 yearly deaths in the US can be attributed to lead contamination.

CDC: Homeopathic “healing bracelet” dramatically increases lead levels in babies’ blood

You know how you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.

Why Van Gogh’s paintings are fading to white

Belgian scientists have revealed a refined explanation for the chemical process that’s currently degrading Vincent van Gogh’s famous paintings, which are losing their bright red. Like other old paintings, van Gogh’s works are losing their saturated hue because of the interaction between red led and light. Using sophisticated X-ray crystallographic methods, the researchers identified a key carbon mineral called plumbonacrite in one of his paintings, which explains the process even better.

Poor cookware might be lead poisoning an entire continent

A study suggests that immense amounts of lead are being ingested in Africa, since extensive use of cookware made from recycled materials leaks lead into the food. This is the first time the extent of lead poisoning has been assessed. Results suggest that in some instances, as much as 200 times the threshold amount for lead poisoning is being ingested.

400 common lipsticks contain lead – yet cheapest brand has lowest levels

Four hundred of the most popular lipsticks in the US contain trace levels of lead, according to tests conducted by the federal government – a number much bigger than what was expected. Five of the L’Oreal and Maybelline lipsticks ranked among the top 10 most contaminated brands, as well as two Cover Girl and two NARS. The researchers from the