Unique swirl patterns point to the Moon’s magnetic past

Nice swirls!

Largest lava lake in the solar system makes massive waves

On Io, the floor is basically lava.

How caves form and the different types of caves

Shaped by erosion, fire, or water, caves have some surprising but always beautiful births.

Magma is building up beneath a town in New Zealand

There’s no need to panic though.

Volcano facts and other pieces of hot science

Volcanoes are some of the most amazing geological features but quite often, they’re misunderstood or not understood at all. Here we’ll get to know them a bit better, starting with the basic facts and the moving onto cool and surprising facts, and of course, continuing with everyone’s favorite (from a distance): eruptions. Basic Volcano Facts 1. Volcanoes are ruptures in the Earth’s crust.

Stunning video shows lava in all its might

Even as a geologist, I can’t help myself from looking at lava with an almost childish fascination – it’s something from the depths of the Earth (literally), with the potential to destroy everything and anything in its path, and also to create new landscapes, drastically changing the surface of the Earth. In the short film above, Lance Page managed to capture the sheer force

Extremely Close-Up Footage of Lava Spilling Into Water

Lava is amazing to see (from a distance), but it’s even more awesome to get the chance to see lava going directly into the ocean. Hawaii is one of the few places in the world where this happens. In this amazing footage, Kawika Singson uses his GoPro (hopefully on a very long pole) to get up close and personal with lava spilling into the ocean water. The video was captured off the coast of Hawaii.

New type of volcanic eruption described

The general classification splits volcanic eruptions in two: explosive or effusive. An explosive eruption is, well, explosive and violent (think Mount Helens), while an effusive eruption is associated with lava flows (think Hawaii). However, in a new study conducted by New Zealand and UK researchers described another, new type of eruption. Inside volcanoes, magma often has dissolved gases as a

New dinosaur extinction theory: an ocean of lava

It wasn’t just a devastating asteroid that killed off all the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Scientists from Boston University now claim that a massive eruption of lava fronts around the world, coinciding with the asteroid impact, sealed their fate forever. The controversial theory is betting on two unusually hot blobs of mantle 1,700 miles beneath the crust that formed

The big picture on Icelandic eruption

Eyjafjallajökull (how ever you pronounce) is a volcano located in Iceland, covered by a small glacier with the same name. It’s crater has a diameter of about 3-4 kilometers, and it erupted the second time this month, causing a cloud of ash that forced authorities to stop almost all flights above Iceland. The problem, when you have such a volcano,

Melt rises up 25 times faster than previously believed

Scientists have for the first time determined the actual permeability of the asthenosphere in Earth’s upper mantle, which is basically responsible for how fast the melt rises towards the surface of the earth, and the results were surprising to say the least. Researchers found that it actually moves 25 times faster than previously assumed, which forces us to reconsider every

11 hot pics and videos of lava vs ocean

  All images of lava versus ocean in CC BY 3.0