Hawaii Authorities: Please don’t swim near erupting volcano

Shocking, really.

Kilauea erupts with massive explosion [photos and videos]

Things continue to be pretty nasty in Hawaii.

Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupts, threatening local community. So far, everyone is safe

Thankfully, everyone is safe.

Kilauea volcano in Hawaii creates spectacular lava stream

The Kilauea volcano has created a dramatic “firehose” as molten lava continues to spew out hot lava and ash.

Earthquake swarm indicates lava build-up at Kilauea volcanoes

Geologists are expecting increased activity on the Kilauea volcano, warning that another eruption is likely possible. It seems that lava continues to build up, as manifested through a swarm of minor earthquakes.

Crater wall collapse causes lava explosion in Hawaii [with video]

A crater wall collapse in a Hawaiian volcano has triggered a powerful lava explosion. The Kilauea explosion spread lava and debris around it, in a spectacular display which was caught on camera by the USGS. Material was thrown 280 feet (85 meters) up into the air. Janet Babb, a geologist with the USGS, compared the blast to popping a champagne

Stunning video shows lava in all its might

Even as a geologist, I can’t help myself from looking at lava with an almost childish fascination – it’s something from the depths of the Earth (literally), with the potential to destroy everything and anything in its path, and also to create new landscapes, drastically changing the surface of the Earth. In the short film above, Lance Page managed to capture the sheer force

Stunning picture and video from the Kilauea Eruption in Hawaii

As I was telling you just earlier, the Kilauea volcano erupted, with a fissure throwing lava up more than 20 meters towards the sky in a dazzling display of volcanic power. The Hawaii eruption took place just after one of the volcano’s floors collapsed, thus creating the necessary conditions for lava to come out to the surface. This is great news to

11 hot pics and videos of lava vs ocean

  All images of lava versus ocean in CC BY 3.0