NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope discovers 104 new planets outside of Milky Way

Of these planets, four are believed to potentially be similar to Earth.

Kepler crossed the 1,000 discovered alien planets milestone

Since it was first launched in 2009, the $600 Kepler mission has discovered more than 1,000 alien worlds. Arguably it’s one of the most successful space mission in history so far, further cementing its status as a legend. The milestone was breached after eight newly confirmed exoplanets were added to the tally, two of which are very similar to Earth and thus could support alien life.

Most Earth-like exoplanet in terms of size and mass discovered

Although the Kepler Space Telescope itself is defunct due to a malfunction that rendered it out of operation some months ago, the mission goes on as scientists churn through massive amounts of data gathered by Kepler, enough to keep them busy for years to come. One of the fruits of Kepler is an exoplanet called  Kepler 78b located just 400 light-years

Kepler telescope malfunction might end search for alien planets

Dire news came today. Astronomers, and people dreaming of life beyond our solar system alike all over the world, are morning the loss of the Kepler – the space telescope tasked with discovering exoplanets capable of supporting life. One of the telescope’s wheels failed and as such, the telescope can’t stabilize its gaze on a particular position. For now, it’s