The earliest monument in east Africa was built without anyone being ‘the boss’

Scientists find massive cemetery complex in the plains of Kenya.

First Kenyan satellite to be launched into orbit in April or May

It’s a big milestone for the African country.

Every day, this man in Kenya drives hours and hours to bring water to wild animals

Nothing short of an incredible story.

George Adamson — the man who lived with lions

If you like lions, or watching nature documentaries, the odds are you’ve heard of George Adamson. Nicknamed “Baba ya Simba” (Father of Lions), Adamson lived an amazing life. Best known for his award winning documentary Born Free, he managed to live among lions and make them treat him as equals, resulting in a relationship of mutual trust.

Simple, cheap purifying device provides clean water for 150,000 Kenyan students

Lack of clean water is a big problem in many poor areas of the world, and it’s also one of the most easily solvable major problems (not saying it’s easy, just that it’s relatively easy, compared to say curing malaria, which is another big problem in many poor areas). A new, innovative yet simple purifier has been installed in 301 schools

The PeePoo bag: don’t poop where you eat

Nairobi, Kenya is home to one of the world’s biggest slums, more than one million people living in subhuman conditions in the African state capital. I’ve seen and read a lot of reports from there, and other African states alike, and the situation is indeed dire. Imagine having nothing to eat – now imagine having to poop the scraps of