What Will The iPhone Be Like In Another 10 Years?

Ten years is a long time, what do you think future iPhones will look like?

Running out of storage on your iPhone? Download a big app, Lifehacker says

Gotta clean’em all!

What chemical elements are inside your new iPhone

It’s only been recently that Apple released its new iPhone 6, and like every year zealots are lining up in front of Apple stores. In fact, the company reports that some 4 million iPhone 6 preorders were placed within the first 24 hours, yet again showing how powerful a cult brand can be. Aside from being a nifty gadget, the iPhone, and

Essential Security Apps for Your iPhone 5

If you’re determined to hang on for dear life to your iPhone 5 rather than switching with the masses to the 5c or 5s, check out your options, pat yourself on the back for your patience, and dig your heels in to the ground as you wait it out for the next smaller, better, and even more beautiful and secure generation

Using Smartphones to create an Urban Seismic Networks

A tiny chip already used in smartphones for the orientation of your screen could serve to create a real-time urban seismic network, easily increasing the amount of strong motion data collected during a large earthquake, helping responders know where the most damage has been done and where the strongest intervention is needed. Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) accelerometers have been used since

Looking Back: Top Gadgets of 2012

The year is already drawing to a close, leaving a high crop of technological innovations in its wake. While there is a few more days to go before this year bid its final goodbye, let go through the top gadgets of 2012, which you may consider buying as a Christmas gift for your loved ones.   Samsung MultiView MV800 compact

Why a mini iPAD wouldn’t be a good idea

We’ve been recently bombarded with rumours about a new, mini iPAD. Apple has neither confirmed nor denied these news, which means it’s almost certainly true, but it leaked, despite their wishes. So let me sure if I get this right: iPADs were made because iPhones were too small for a tablet use, and now they want to make mini tables

iPhone 5 photos surface – September 12 release, new report reads

According to a latest report released by the blog iMore, it seems Apple‘s flagship product and the world’s most recognizable smartphone, the iPhone, will have a new member officially added to the family this fall, on Sep 12 to be more precise. We also have some new iPhone 5 photos to show. Actually, “this fall” has been used in phrases

iPhone 5 enters production in Shanghai

More and more rumors of the impeding entry in production of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 have been circulating on the web and media outlets these past few days. Most recently, a Taipei-based report has Pegatron, a Taiwan manufacturing company, as one of the companies which will start production work on the latest version of Apple’s flagship product, at its

Apple battery problems linked to iOS 5 update

A suspected flaw in Apple’s operating system could be causing some batteries to drain out and ‘die’ sooner than they are supposed to. Ever since Apple launched the new iPhone 4S two weeks ago, a big chunk of users have been reporting battery issues; some of them claim it dies out in half a day. Furthermore, it seems that this

The iPad 3 supposedly entering production

While everybody’s eyes are fixed on the iPhone 4S, Apple is apparently making its move for the new iPad generation. The company recently increased its iPad production from between 11 million and 13 million to between 12 and 14 million. This spike, specialists claim, is due to Apple launching the manufacturing of the iPad 3. “Since our last month supply

New iPhone 5 scoop: the device will indeed be a dual-mode CDMA/GSM phone

An anonymous mobile app developer tipped off Techcrunch about the connection capabilities of the upcoming highly anticipated iPhone 5 by Apple. Thus, the device is reportedly most certain to suppoert both CDMA (such as the one used by Verizon or Sprint in the United States) and GSM, the dominant mobile network in the world (which is used by AT&T and

iPhone 5G case design hints to edge-to-edge screen, flash camera repositioning

China-based Kulcase is listing an alleged “Newest design crystal case for Apple iPhone 5g” on the company’s alibaba.com page,  a case which it seems is actually based on leaked plans from Apple. The design mockup of the case, as well as the technical engineering drawing, shows that the iPhone 5G might have a new edge-to-edge display and a new location

iPhone 4 and iPad records your every move!

In a recent event which is sure to produce a lot of controversial waves, a team of security researchers have come across  a frightning discovery which puts Apple next to Big Brother. It seems any iPhone or iPad that has been updated with iOS 4 records everywhere you have been to a secret file – the file is also copied

New iPhone might ship starting this September

According to Reuters, inside Apple officials who prefer to remain anonymous due to the current scarce information on the product so far released by Apple, have hinted that the much awaited iPhone 5 will ship starting this September. We’ve known for some time now that the product will be officially out sometime at the end of the year, but because

Sony CEO might have accidentily leaked shipping plans for iPhone 5 camera

During an interview with Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal, Sony’s CEO Howard Stringer might have accidentally tipped off the tech world that the Japanese company will supply Apple with 8MP sensors for its upcoming iPhone 5. “It always puzzles me,” Stringer said. “Why would I make Apple the best camera?” For past models like the iPhone 4 or

Your heartbeat will charge your phone in 5 years

Batteries ? Ha, no way, batteries are so last century. Nanogenerators, that’s the future. At least that’s what Apple believes. Nanogenerators powered by nothing more than your heartbeat could replace the classic battery in no more than five years, according to researchers working on the matter. In a world ruled by 4G smartphones, touchscreens, portable computers, finding way to keep

Color: a revolutionary social photo-sharing application

The latest buzzer in the ever volatile and hype vulnerable social media scene is a promising new start-up called Color, a social photo-sharing app that just recently came out simultaneously for iPhone and Android. Privacy on Color is totally 0, but this is where it actually shines and takes wing in front of the now conventional community driven websites or

Vatican: Confessing Your Sins to an iPhone Doesn’t Count

I’ve seen and heard of a lot of crazy apps for the iPhone in my day, some can be classified more like stupid than innovative, but it seems one of AppStore’s recent best sellers, called “Confession: A Roman Catholic App” might take the cake. The official application description reads “Designed to be used in the confessional, this app is the

Apple sues Motorola over Android Smartphone Patent Infringement

After earlier the past month Motorola sued Apple for smartphone related patents, Apple has stroke back today by filling its own law suit against its competitor. As such, two suits in the U.S. District Court in Wisconsin were made by Apple, alleging Motorola handsets such as the Google Android powered Droid, Droid X and Droid 2 infringe on six patents