Going with your gut leads to more personal and certain decisions

Intuitive decision-making gives the impression that we own our choices.

Our brains get hit by epiphany before they let us in on it too, researchers find

The eyes give it away.

Humans are wired to be good in nature – cooperation outweighs selfishness

There’s an age long question that even some of history’s greatest free thinkers, philosophers and theologists haven’t been able to answer – are humans good in nature? Many have tried to seek answers to this riddling puzzle, and for many the conclusion was a gloomy one – that man is simply doomed to stray the world in selfish agony or

Going with your gut: decision-making based on instinct alone 90% accurate of the time, study shows

Psychologists at Tel Aviv University’s School of Psychological Sciences surprisingly found that decision making based on instinct has surprisingly positive outcomes. The researchers’ experiment to prove their theory is comprised of an extremely simple set-up, as you may read on below, however, the findings are rather difficult to contest. Their work suggests that the human brain has an inherent ability

Humans are naturally inclined towards generosity – faster, spontaneous decisions are generous, well thought ones are selfish

Cooperation is central to human social behavior. Back in the early, dawning days of humanity, we were inferior from nearly every point of view, and cooperation was mainly what brought us to the dominating species status we have today. But choosing to cooperate with others, while always benefic for the group, often requires individuals to give up a small percent